Teen Suicide Survivor From A Young Woman


If you are worried about the teenager in your life, a lot of thoughts are going through your mind. Perhaps you have noticed depression or maybe there is substance abuse going on. Whatever the underlying issue, teen suicide is a real danger in today’s society. Suicidal behavior leads to tragic consequences and you need to take action fast and prevent teenage suicide. There are many things you can do, like seeking therapeutic help from Turning Winds. But first, you need to recognize teen suicidal behavior. Here are a few things to watch for in teens.

Death Expressions

Your teen might express thoughts of dying or the desire to give up on life. Any expressions of this nature should be taken seriously, especially if they are repeated multiple times.

Abrupt Changes

If you notice your teen making sudden changes in eating or sleeping habits or if he spends less time with family and friends, you have the right to be concerned.

Mood Swings

Watch for dramatic mood swings when your teen goes from very depressed to very happy and back again. This could showcase a deeper issue that can lead to teen suicide.

Loss of Interest

If your teen no longer cares about anything, such as schoolwork or other activities he used to enjoy, this is a sign of depression with suicide as a possible side effect.

If you are worried about your teenager, you need to enter him or her into a suicide prevention program. Turning Winds has programs that consist of treating a number of maladies that underlie suicide such as mental disorders, learning disabilities, substance abuse, anxiety disorders, behavior problems and many others. You want your teen not only to forget about teen suicide, but also to move past the deeper problem in order to have a successful life.

Turning Winds offers teens a comprehensive treatment plan that focuses on academic success in a therapeutic setting. Teens are sent out into nature to have adventures they have never gotten to experience before. They also get individual and group therapy in a trusting, compassionate community-like setting to take them to new heights in order to rise above their issues. Teen suicide is a very real issue that needs to be dealt with sooner rather than later. Turning Winds is here to help with questions, enrollment, and tests to help you understand whether or not the program is right for your teen. Please Call Today 800-845-1380


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