Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal ideation

Suicidal ideation is train of thought, or thought process one engages in that pertains to the fantasy or planning of committing suicide. A person who engages in suicidal ideation is one who obsessively thinks about or fantasizes about killing themselves, for a variety of different reasons. Suicidal ideation can mean the individual is simply fantasizing about what life would be like if they were to kill themselves, all the way to actively and seriously planning an opportunity of suicide.

A person, who suffers from suicidal ideation, may not even be serious or ever consider acting on their suicidal train of thought. However, no matter how serious a person is in their intentions, suicidal ideation is very unhealthy and can lead to much more significant consequences down the road. A person who suffers from the constant thoughts of suicide are no doubt in need of therapeutic restoration and are more than likely suffering from severe depression.

Parents of a teen who seems to be fixated on suicide or the notion of acting on suicidal tendency, need to take immediate action in locating the most appropriate level of psychiatric care for their child.


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