Social Studies



The U.S. American National Council for the Social Studies defines social studies as, ‘integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.’ Social studies, or social sciences, is one of the five courses that make up the ‘core curriculum,’ in the academics of high school studies. Since it is one of the core classes, Social Studies is a mandatory course that must be passed by all students to progress onto the following grade, as well as graduate from high school.

As previously mentioned, Social Studies is one of the five core courses that is taught in all phases of a person’s basic education: elementary, middle school and high school. Social studies teach a broad spectrum of important cultural subjects such as sociology, political science, history, economics, religious studies, geography, psychology, anthropology, and civics.

Although Social Studies is typically a course, overlooked in favor of the likes of mathematics or science core classes, it is a class that has invaluable lessons for our students to learn. Moreover, Social Studies is what connects our students to the cultures, and appreciation of those cultures, on a global level.


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