Slow Emotional Growth And Development In Teens Causing Poor School Performance

There are eight stages of emotional growth. With so many different stages, there is a chance that something can happen at any one of these stages that can cause an individual’s emotional growth to slow down, or even stop.

This can cause many problems because it is emotional growth that allows us to deal appropriately with all situations involving emotion and behavior. What ends up happening is you have a teen who is physically a teen but emotionally a younger child.

How young depends upon when the emotional growth was interrupted. This can show its existence in a variety of ways.

Signs Of Stunted Emotional Growth

Not every teenager will exhibit all the signs of stunted emotional growth but the following are good indicators that show intervention is needed. 

*Poor academic performance, when a learning disability isn’t the cause.

*Age-inappropriate tantrums.

*Poor social interactions.

*No progress with impulse control.

*Drug/alcohol use.

This is a short list. The best indicator of your teen having stunted emotional growth is that they do not respond to school, home and social situations in an age-appropriate manner. Often it is school failure that is the first sign there is a problem.

There is Hope

While emotional growth can stop or slow, it can also be nurtured and improved, allowing your teen to gradually bring together their emotional and physical ages. This requires a great deal of work, but it is worth it.In the meantime, school failure does not need to be part of the picture.

At Turning Winds, we offer a superior academic program that allows for the differences in your teen’s learning ability. At the same time, we work with them to help them move forward emotionally. This allows for academic success, which in turn enhances the emotional growth. 

Final Words

Stunted emotional growth and school failure are connected very tightly. When the emotional growth is improved, academic performance increases. At Turning Winds, we know your child is capable of success and we work to realize that success. Contact us  and lets talk about what your teen is going through and we will let you know how we can help. Call 800-845-1380



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