Sitting Around A Campfire

The Warmth of a Campfire brings healing to the soul

One of the aspects that make teen boarding schools great, is the activities that are offered.  Each week at Turning Winds Academic Institute, the students hold a Crew Meeting for all those who are doing well at the school.  The students have decided to name their Crew, The Wolf-Pack.  The kids are in the process of designing a logo and slogan which best represents their work as a Crew.  The mission of the wolf pack is to engage in high adventure activities; to foster the development of student leadership and to give back to society through meaningful service.  This week we decided to hang out around a bond-fire to discuss the events that would take place for the next few weeks.  The boys and girls came up with some awesome suggestions for service in the community.  The kids talked about Christmas caroling at a nearby nursing home in December and making cards for those who reside there.  Another idea was to bake cookies and make cards for the staff at TWAI.  Both were great ideas!

The highlight of the night happened while telling scary stories around the campfire and just as the climax of one particular story was reached, one of the leaders let out a primal scream and the group of girls all jump in unison while one of the boys jumped so far that he landed on the nearby bench.  We all had such a great time around the campfire and for a moment it seemed as though we had forgotten about the troubles in our lives and the very things that brought us to TWAI.

We concluded our experience by having root-beer floats while continuing to converse around the campfire.  As we were discussing our logo and what it would look like, one of the girls suggested that we have a logo of a campfire with the smoke appearing as a wolf.  What a neat idea; we should have a rough draft put together by next week.

By: John Baisden


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