School Failure By Your Daughter, What Causes It And How We Help

A Variety Of Causes

Your daughter could be failing school because she’s “too cool” to learn. She could be failing because she has adopted an addiction on the sly. There might be a boy involved. She might be suffering from a cognitive learning disability like Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or an Autism Spectrum Disorder. She could also be depressed.

Such a thing can cause a cognitive dissonance in a young teenager which makes it impossible for them to excel at any class.

Think of it: you have one teacher who jades you on the whole program, and then there are the stoner kids who laugh all the time. Maybe it’s time to join that crowd? Teenage minds do not always consider things logically; they are more apt to follow emotional segues. Teenage emotions are often driven by hormones, and stupidity is usually sprinkled in through dint of inexperience.

The point is, there could be many reasons your daughter is failing school, and they might have absolutely nothing to do with you. Or they could–one thing is certain, however: a change of environment can be instrumental in reversing a bad situation. 

Where The Winds Caress The Mountains

One of the most effective ways to therapeutically treat a teenager is through exhilarating outdoor activity. Remember the first time you climbed a cool, refreshing mountain trail? Or went snowmobiling? Will you ever forget that time you went rafting down the river? Or when you and your friends saw that mountain lion in the trees across the valley? These kind of experiences are so much more outstanding than basic high school learning is.

One place where your daughter can have such clean, positive fun is in Troy, Montana; a city named the 2015 Tree City of the United States by the Arbor Day Foundation. In Troy is an institute called Turning Winds which, with a low student-to-teacher ratio of 5-1, provides hands-on, personalized, therapeutic care for troubled teens.

Academics Is A Major Focus

With a strong focus on academic education, Our residential treatment center functions as a kind of boarding school where teens can get the personalized psychological assistance they need without sacrificing valuable opportunities for education.

Nearby Kootenai National Forest harbors some 2.2 million acres of wilderness to have adventures in, and Turning Winds has a reputation for producing academically sound, highly functional young adults. If you’re daughter is failing school, Turning Winds can help get her back on track. To learn more about our remarkable program and beautiful location please call us at: 800-845-1380


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