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Turning Winds Private Boarding School Program Description Summary


Turning Winds Academic Institute’s teen boarding school is a community of academic and therapeutic professionals focused on helping teens find their way past troubles and challenges to a path of engaged and productive living.

TWAI is accredited by two of the most recognized respected secondary academic accrediting bodies in the United States. We are fully accredited by Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC). Our teen boarding school accepts children between the ages of 13 and 18. Turning Winds Academic Institute, a specialty private boarding school, can accept enrollment of approximately 45 students. The entire program averages approximately 12 months.

Our Integrated Therapeutic Curriculum (ITC) is distinguished for integrating a therapeutic direction throughout the program, including academics, nightly group sessions, sports, the outdoors, and all other activities our teens experience.

We have helped hundreds of teens work through challenges to achieve a constructive attitude. The Institute continues to make a positive difference within in the lives life of each teen with whom we work.

TWAI believes families are an integral part in the process of helping a child make changes in his or her life, and we encourage parents to actively participate along with their child in recognizing and implementing the changes necessary for success. Parental participation can include, but is not limited to the following activities: parent workshops, assignments, and family counseling sessions facilitated by one of our clinical staff. While enrolled at TWAI’s therapeutic boarding school your son or daughter will traverse through three program phases: orientation, transition, and aftercare.



“Jonathan is doing wonderfully. He’s 18 now, going to college at the University of Colorado and staying in a dorm. He also has a full-time job as a sous chef at a four-star restaurant in Colorado Springs, and he very much enjoys his work. His personality has vastly improved, and I can honestly say that in more than a year since he’s been home we haven’t had a single argument with him. That’s never happened before! Rebecca and I do not begrudge a moment Jonathan spent with you. He is miraculously improved now and we really enjoy having him around; we’re proud of what he’s accomplished. Thanks for your help.”


“As far as my struggles prior to Turning Winds Academic Institute, they somewhat still remain and it’s a constant effort to continue to be successful. It’s self-rewarding though to push through and accomplish what used to seem impossible. I have been sober for almost two years now! I never thought I could do it, but I have and it has changed my life more than anything else has! I also have become more assertive, independent, brave, and open minded. I am still pretty opinionated though and my patience is something I try to be better at… but sometimes fall short. That’s just Abby though.

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  • We believe in and teach the principles of “Leave No Trace” where outdoor activity is concerned. We are environmentally friendly, conserving energy by using solar technology.
  • Our program is time-tested, getting exceptional results for over a decade.
  • Our student is a diverse, international group, providing a rich cultural experience for all.
  • We offer students fine, healthy cuisine, prepared by a professional chef.
  • We are certified as a testing center for GED, SAT, ACT and CLEP.
  • Our experienced clinical team possesses the highest standards for respectful and constructive treatment.
  • We work with parents to find financing solutions and to expedite insurance reimbursement.
  • We offer regular one-on-one therapy sessions.
  • Our focus is on working through challenges and on building character.
  • Our program focuses on improving family dynamics via core value teaching.
  • Our certified teachers come from a variety of backgrounds in education, affording them the necessary tools to cultivate success with each student.
  • Our tight-knit, small community and program design allows us to focus on the individual; no child in our care will “slip through the cracks.”
  • We offer intensive parent support through webinars, regular family counseling sessions, parent workshops and an effective aftercare program
  • Turning Winds Recreation and Education Connection (TREC) is our system of bringing the outdoors into our therapy.
  • TWAI employees – whether clinical, administrative or custodial – are the finest in the industry.
  • We’re located in a wonderful natural setting in serene Northwestern Montana.  Our campus sits on 150 acres with a beautiful trout river flowing through it.
  • We’re fully accredited as an academic institute by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC) and by the National Independent Private Schools Association (NIPSA). 
  • Utilize the outdoors to help facilitate change.
  • We have successfully helped hundreds of teens in crisis.

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