Local And Home Visits

The First Local Visit Takes Place After The Commencement Ceremony.

Because commencement dates are tentative and may change, it is strongly recommended that all travel fares be booked in a way to be flexible or refundable.

Local visits should be scheduled to take place over the weekend (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) in order to lessen the impact on the student’s weekly schedule. Remember to allow ample time on Friday for counseling sessions with your child’s clinician. After successful local visits, the child then completes two home visits. During home visits, parents follow the recommendations from the child’s therapist and After successful local visits, the child then completes two home visits. During home visits, parents follow the recommendations from the child’s therapist and adhere to the Turning Winds standards.

One of the aims of the local and home visits is to give parents an opportunity to demonstrate to their child that they are working as a team with Turning Winds and that they are working to improve the home environment. Home visits help prepare the child to expect changes at home in terms of monitoring, limit setting, and responsibility.

Ideally, parents have improved their ability to provide a successful home environment by the time the child returns home. Parents should be mindful to keep their child away from peers who may be a negative influence. They should know how to set limits and follow through with discipline and they should understand the importance of helping the child succeed in school, on the job, and in other productive pursuits.

Parents are successful when they demonstrate to the child that there are set consequences for certain behaviors. Often when a child returns home they test the parents’ resolve by breaking rules or developing problems in school. Even after parents have been warned by Turning Winds staff that this is likely to occur they sometimes become demoralized and react by being negative with the child. In other cases, if the child is doing reasonably well it becomes easy for parents to begin to let some negative behaviors slide. Ignoring problem behaviors, no matter how minor, will send an inconsistent message to your child. Parents are successful when they provide consistent consequences and avoid relapsing into old patterns of dysfunctional relationships, such as lecturing or engaging in arguments.

Transportation To And From Spokane Airport

Your child must be accompanied to and from the Turning Winds campus by an adult. Turning Winds offers two airport trips per month. The first is on the 3rd Wednesday and the second is on the 4th Wednesday. If travel arrangements must be made outside of those dates we refer the family to 3rd party transport companies who will provide transportation to and from the airport.

A child requiring transportation to the airport must be scheduled to depart Turning Winds on the third Wednesday of the month, and arrive back on the fourth Wednesday of the month, between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Pacific Time. In the event that a departure or arrival cannot be scheduled on Wednesday between the specified hours, arrangements must be made with a local and insured transport company.

Exceptions to this policy will be made for extenuating circumstances, such as a death in the family, et cetera

Driving Directions Spokane International Airport To Twai Main Office

113 miles – approximately 2 hours, 15 minutes 1. Head northeast on W. Airport Dr. toward Tower Rd. – 1.9 miles. 2. Take

1. Head northeast on W. Airport Dr. toward Tower Rd. – 1.9 miles. 2. Take

2. Take ramp on the left onto US-2 – 1.4 miles.

3. Take the ramp onto I-90 E/US-2/US-395 N, continue to follow I-90 E – 34.1 miles.

4. Take Exit 12 for US-95 toward Sandpoint/Moscow – 0.3 miles.

5. Turn left at Lincoln Way/US-95, continue to follow US-95 – 43.8 miles.

6. Turn left at W. Cedar St./US-95 – 0.3 miles.

7. Turn right at N. 5th Ave./ID-200/US-2/US-95 – 1.0 miles.

8. Turn left at ID-95/US-2/US-95, continue to follow US-2/US-95 – 29.8 miles.

9. Turn left at Bauman St., 6885 will be on the right. – 0.1 miles

Main Office To Twai Campus:

approximately 60 miles – approximately 1 hour, 15 minutes

1. Head east on Bauman St. toward US-2/US-95 – 0.1 miles.

2. Turn left at US-2/US-95, continue to follow US-2/US-95 – 4.7 miles.

3. Turn right at US-2 stoplight, continue to follow US-2 – 19.5 miles.

4. Turn left at Highway 508/Yaak River Road, continue to follow Highway 508 – approximately 30 miles.

5. Turn right onto Montana Road 567 (right after the Yaak Mercantile) – follow 4.5 miles, destination will be on the right


OKootenai River Inn

7169 Plaza Street,

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Log Inn of Bonners Ferry

43 Tobe Way,

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Northside School Bed and Breakfast

6497 Comanche Street,

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Paradise Valley Inn

300 Eagle Way,

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Yaak River Lodge

27744 Yaak River Road

Troy, Montana

(406) 295-5463

Places To Eat

Under the Sun (does not serve dinner, lunch only)

7178 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


The Badger’s Den Café

6551 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Chick n’ Chop

6421 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Rusty Moose

7211 Main Street (downtown)

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


The Springs at Kootenai River Inn

7169 Plaza Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Zip’s Drive In

6551 Main Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


The Pizza Factory – “We Toss ‘em, They’re Awesome”

6637 Fry Street

Bonners Ferry, Idaho


Local Places Of Interest

Kootenai Wildlife Refuge
Bonners Ferry
Idaho 208-267-3888
Located 5 miles from the town of Bonners Ferry, Idaho, the refuge hosts more than 230 species of birds, 45 species of mammals, 22 species of fish and more scenery than can be absorbed in a day. The refuge lies on 2,774 acres of prime wetlands and meadows. The 4.5-mile auto tour circumnavigates the main ponds, winding past several wildlife photo blinds. The refuge has a system of foot trails as well. Open during the day year-round, you can reach the refuge by taking Riverside Road, on the south bank of the Kootenai River at Bonners Ferry. Drive west for 5 miles to the refuge entrance. The office is 2 miles beyond the entrance.

Ross Creek Scenic Area (outside of Troy, Montana)

The turnoff to the Ross Creek Cedars is found a half mile past the south end of Bull Lake off Montana Highway 56 (one mile east of Troy, locally known as Bull Lake Road). This area consists of 100 acres in an ancient grove of Western Red Cedars along Ross Creek. There is a .9-mile self-guided nature trail through the grove. The trail has signs telling of the history of plant and animal life in the grove. The cedars reach 8 feet in diameter and 175 feet tall.

Turner Mountain Ski Area  (Located outside of Libby Montana).

Open Friday through Sunday, December through April and Christmas Holiday’s (weather permitting) 9am-4pm.

Schweitzer Mountain Resort (Located outside of Sandpoint, Idaho) 

Schweitzer Mountain is a very nice ski lodge which offers a hotel, skiing, hiking, mountain biking, Monkey Action Jumping, climbing wall, shopping, dining and many other activities nearby.

Kootenai Falls and Swinging Bridge

Located between Libby and Troy, Montana on the north side of US Highway 2 at the 21 milepost, is a forest trail that leads from the highway parking lot down to the Kootenai Falls and swinging bridge. It is a nice walk that is not too strenuous. Old Highway 2 Trail – Located between Libby and Troy, Montana on the south side of US Highway 2 at about the 21 milepost is a 2-mile self-guided trail that is part of the old highway from Libby to Troy. It is an easy hike, offers spectacular views of the Kootenai River, and has signs explaining historic and geologic features.

Check Your Understanding


1. T/F The impact letter is due during the first week

2. T/F It is important to send your child’s transcripts during the first week

3. T/F If you have not received any of the required forms you may email Marcine Holmes to have her resend? Multiple Choice

Multiple Choice

4. The parent portal gives the parents access to:

a. Weekly letters

b. Academic updates

c. Therapeutic updates

d. All of the above

5. Which of the following forms is not required during the first week:

a. Immunization records

b. College transcripts

c. Dental and Medical authorizations

d. Birth Certificate

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