Is The HPV Shot For Girls Only? Immunizations: Myths and Facts…

The HPV vaccine can cause anxiety in both girls and boys.

The truth is that many teens and parents are nervous about receiving the HPV vaccine. The myths surrounding the vaccine can cause them to be more anxious than they need to be. Here are some of the most common myths about the vaccine, and the facts.

The HPV Vaccine Leads to Promiscuity

The fact is that their is no evidence to show that those who receive the vaccine have more sexual partners or start having sex at a younger age.

You Don’t Need the Vaccine If You Aren’t Sexually Active

The vaccine works best if it is administered before a person becomes sexually active. Younger teens create more antibodies when they receive the vaccine. This offers them greater protection. It is also impossible to pinpoint when a young person will become sexually active. If they are, they aren’t likely to share that information with their parents.

It’s Just For Girls?

HPV affects boys and girls, and they both receive protection from the vaccine. The vaccine prevents 70% or cervical cancers, but it also prevents the majority of male genital cancers.

Many parents think the HPV vaccine only protects girls, but this vaccine protects boys against certain HPV-related cancers, too! It prevents 90% of cancers caused by genital warts as well.

You Don’t Need the Vaccine If You Use Protection

Condoms prevent most sexually transmitted diseases. However, they aren’t completely effective at preventing the transmission of HPV.

Their Is a Higher Risk of Side Effects From the HPV Vaccine

All vaccines have side effects, and the HPV vaccine is no different. The only serious side effect noted is risk of an allergic reaction. This is why patients are monitored for 15 minutes after receiving the vaccine. It is very rare, but if it does occur, it can be treated safely.

The HPV vaccine has a proven record of protection. The benefits far outweigh the risks, and parents should make sure their children have the vaccine.

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