How To Recognize And Overcome Your Tech Addiction

If you work in an office eight hours a day, on a computer, are you tech-addicted? If you are a teenager doing research for a school project, has technology snared you enough that the real world is gone? But what if you go to work, then come home and spend another four hours on the computer? Now how do things look? What if you finish the paper, and still haven’t seen the great outdoors in a month?

You May Not Even Realize That You Have A Tech Addiction

The teenager with a tech addiction may not realize it themselves, but there are signs. Look at general health; skin-pallor. Technology addiction may result in thinness, or branching out into obesity. Expect skin blemishes from a diet rich in junk food. Expect irritability, and increasingly inept socialization. There have been many connections drawn between over use of technology, and autism spectrum disorders; and the described symptoms above certainly lend credence to that connection.

If your teenager can’t be bothered to put down the smartphone, or they never leave that computer, or put down that video game controller, your teen is likely in the eye of a storm wrought from technology addiction. The solution is to get them away from offending technology, but keep them engaged. There’s an entire world out there full of creatures, rivers, oceans, mountains and sky. Getting them excited about it can be done. 

In Montana, a popular means of breaking tech addiction through therapeutic, hands-on instruction is Turning Winds Academic Institute. It’s a boarding school where your teen can get two years’ education in twelve months while simultaneously spending a good portion of time outdoors building real life skills.

The Smart Phone Allows The Addiciton To Be Part Of Everything You Do

Tech addiction is increasingly prevalent, and it can be developmentally hazardous to teens and children. This aspect of behavioral disorder is subtle, and can be difficult to identify as adults regularly struggle with it as well. Video games were the first culprit; sucking hours, days and months from people’s lives and returning nothing in return. Gaming is a multibillion dollar industry now. But as addicting as that is, social media and the internet have weighed in on the situation even more heavily. 

Since smartphones found their way into everyone’s pockets additionally, it has become clear that–baring massive social upheaval–the monster of continuous tech is here to stay. Teaching proper moderation in conjunction with cohesive, trustworthy real-life education can help break technology addiction without handicapping someone from ever using it again.

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