How To Help Your Teen Daughter With Depression Through A Therapeutic Program

A World Gone Awry

It’s no wonder teens are depressed today. The contemporary teenaged generation is the most isolated in modern history. They’re more likely to message someone over Facebook than they are to go and socially interact in the real world. With too much technological convenience, normal social development is being neglected substantially, and part of the fall-out from that manifests in the form of depression.

Girls are especially susceptible to depression today because they’re fed false expectations of beauty and femininity practically everywhere they go. From overly militant educational programs that foster an unhealthy apolitical bent to overly sexual pop-stars and popular movies, today’s teenage girl is routinely bombarded with lies that border on brainwashing propaganda, and confuse her at a fundamental level.

Sex is happening between teenagers at younger ages, and it’s hard enough to deal with the negativity of a bad relationship as an adult. Add in teenage inexperience and it’s a recipe for disaster. Unfortunately, with the technology gap is coming a relational gap between parents and their children.

Sometimes a young lady will become so depressed her behavior becomes at-risk, and the best solution is beyond parental means, existing in a therapeutic program which helps reconnect her to nature, reawakening her to the wonder of life. 

Therapeutic Programs With Individualized Treatment

 Your daughter should not be treated like a number. With a therapeutic program, you should be looking for educational emphasis and a low student-to-teacher ratio. One teacher per five students is especially amenable, as it allows ample time for individualized treatment.

Therapy options which use the great outdoors as a means of changing the spirits and enlivening the mind have a long history of success. Hiking, camping, snowmobiling, bicycling, boating, rafting, fishing, birding and other wildlife observation – these things are often novel to the modern teen, and can help teach valuable skills that keep the mind from the mire of depression.

These activities also have high levels of physicality, and it has long been known that there is a link between positive mental function and healthy physical activity. One of the most successful RTCs (Residential Treatment Centers) offering wilderness therapy, low student-to-teacher ratios, hands-on education and individualized therapy options is Turning Winds Academic Institute of Troy Montana.

Nestled in an enclave of natural beauty and outdoor adventure, this organization has successfully helped scores of teenage girls transcend depression and lead healthy adult lives. To learn more about our program please call us at: 800-845-1380


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