How Substance Abuse Can Have Unique Effects On Teen Girls

Introducing recreational drugs and other substances into the brain can disrupt brain development and many of its functions. This is especially true when it comes to teenage girls. Addictions treatment programs must be able to allow the girl to come to grips with not only her addiction, but why it became a problem. Addressing the addiction can be a frightening experience for a young woman and a well thought treatment plan must be created to protect both her physical and emotional health.

Inhibits the Development of the Brain

During the teen years, recreational drugs inhibit the development of the brain and can disrupt how the brain functions. Many neurotransmitters that no longer serve a specific function are eliminated so that the child’s concentration skills become more finely tuned, allowing them to focus more fully and stay on task.

Teenage girls are known for maturing at a faster rate than boys. With that being said, the processes that cause their brain to mature and begin to function as an adult can be hampered, and in some cases, stopped altogether. This means that their ability to focus or pay attention may disrupted or altered permanently. 

Teenage girls who become addicted to narcotics or other potent recreational drugs, may experience the long term effects of depression, mood swings, irritability and, in some cases, suicidal tendencies.

Can Affect Learning Potential

When a teenage girl’s ability to concentrate is tampered with or disrupted in any way, it can have a dramatic effect on their ability to learn and retain information. The impact on long term memory is especially effected since many drugs target the areas of the brain that are responsible for both short and long term memory.

 Long Term Effects

Teenage girls who have problems with substance abuse can bear the long term effects of the drugs for the rest of their lives. Because the damage to the brain occurred while it was still developing, its ability to function properly may be impacted for many years to come. 

Many teenage girls who have substance abuse problems don’t come forward because they are afraid of what type of treatment plan they will face. Finding the right addictions treatment program is an important step in the recovery process. All of the girl’s concerns must be addressed and the cause of the addiction must be treated if the recovery is to be a success.  To learn more about our treatment programs please call us at: 800-845-1380


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