How Nature Can Actually Help Your Daughter Cope With The Challenges Of Life

Turning Winds Academic Institute has a unique approach to helping your teenager deal with and cope with any challenges that life has thrown at them.  While we do take the education of your children seriously, we have a new way of going about helping teenagers that has seen some positive results.

Nature Has Amazing Healing Power

Our boarding school utilizes nature to help your children deal with whatever situation they are dealing with while also giving them the education that they will need to succeed in life.  Every activity that the teenagers are involved with incorporates a type of hands on approach that is not typically found at an educational facility. Our hands on approach helps to engage the teenagers in a way that they are comfortable as well as in a way that they gain something from the activities they are performing.

Part of what makes Turning Winds so successful as an educational environment for teenagers who are struggling with many different issues is how important we feel nature is to the teenagers.  The staff here feel that using nature as part of the therapy (such as adventure therapy) that the students will be undergoing during their time here.  For many of these students, this is something completely new to them and they react very positively to this new approach.

Truly Comprehensive Therapy

Beyond the amazing educational opportunities and the nature therapy that Turning Winds offers to all of our students, and the staff also incorporates our therapy into everything that we do.  This allows us to focus on your child’s unique issues and help them learn to cope with whatever they are facing.  These unique issues can range from depression to addictions or even autism spectrum disorders.

For those who have researched all of the different types of help there is for their child, Turning Winds Academic Institute offers something completely unique.  Our unique approach involving nature offers teenagers a chance to receive the therapy that they need in an environment that they may not otherwise have the opportunity to enjoy.

To learn more abour our truly remarable program and facility please call us at: 800-845-1380


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