Group Homes In Las Vegas, NV

Group Homes In Las Vegas, NV

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Turning Winds is a leading residential treatment center specializing in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for adolescents from Las Vegas, NV who may be undergoing problems such as food addiction (overeating, binge eating), drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), and/or bullying (or being bullied). One of the biggest threats today to young people from Las Vegas, NV is substance abuse. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 9.4% of teenagers have used an illicit drug within the past month. This same study showed marijuana use is on the rise. Many teenagers are falling victim to substance use (including marijuana) and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), leading them to make poor decisions that place their lives in danger. Parents in the Las Vegas, NV area who are wanting help for their adolescents often seek a group home. It is important parents educate themselves on what these facilities can and cannot give their struggling teenager.

The Group Home Environment

Though there are likely good group omes in the Las Vegas, NV area, these state-run resources typically only give housing for mentally and physically disabled children and adults who cannot live with their families or on their own. These Group Home environments are generally not therapeutic and do not foster true change for troubled teens. Most parents who are wanting a Group Home for their teenager are really searching for a residential treatment program that will provide full therapy and an opportunity for Image of a happy teenager from Las Vegas, NV feeling upbeat at a therapeutic facility for struggling teenagerstheir child to pursue their education. At Turning Winds Academic Institute, we give the program parents mistakenly believe they are wanting when they search for a group home. Our program offers therapy for teenagers who are facing mental health problems, behavioral issues, substance use (including marijuana), and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana). Through our fully accredited academic program, adolescents develop a love of learning and discover they can be successful in pursuing their education. Although Turning Winds may be located outside the state of Las Vegas, NV, Turning Winds is dedicated to struggling teenagers from all over the country.
Also, it is recommended to have at-risk adolescents receive rehabilitating guidance at a therapeutic facility for struggling teenagers away from the negative influences of unsupportive peers. Turning Winds is a choice residential treatment center, dedicated to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for teenagers in Las Vegas, NV coping with drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), anxiety, and/or other mental health related issues. To find out more about our program, parents can contact one of our professional consultants 800-845-1380 at   today! Testimonials from Students Testimonials from Parents

Group Homes For Girls

Our therapeutic program is one that fosters true change; by counseling girls from Las Vegas, NV to understand the underlying mental health problems that may be to blame for their behaviors and the choices they make. Turning Winds is dedicated to fostering a transformative perspective in struggling girls, guiding them towards self-discovery and cultivating the self-worth and esteem essential for making constructive life choices. Through therapeutic intervention, teenagers can acquire the vital skills necessary to prevent relapses into substance use (including marijuana) and the pitfalls of drug abuse and addiction (including marijuana). Our Co-ed approach provides a platform for girls to engage socially with boys, nurturing social maturity. While some parents may contemplate a single-gender Group Home for their struggling daughters, empirical evidence suggests that such facilities fall short in adequately preparing adolescents for reintegration into mainstream society upon program completion.

Group Homes For Boys

At Turning Winds, we adopt a distinctive treatment methodology tailored for young boys grappling with life’s challenges. Many of these young men lack the tools to effectively confront the emotional turmoil they face, often resorting to alcohol and drugs, including marijuana, as coping mechanisms. These patterns can lead to substance use and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana). By providing the targeted therapy they require, boys acquire the ability to overcome mental health barriers, thus facilitating improved decision-making and enabling them to embark on a genuine journey towards lasting sobriety.
Within our campus, we provide a genuine life context for struggling teenagers. Within this environment, they cultivate the ability to establish common ground with individuals of the opposite sex, fostering collaborative efforts towards attaining their sobriety objectives. Adolescents frequently encounter deficits in the social skills imperative for cultivating positive relationships in various facets of life. Upon completing our program, teenagers emerge equipped with the competence to honor both themselves and others. These acquired skills form the bedrock upon which they can ascend towards realizing their potential as robust, accomplished young adults. Take Our Test – Determine Your Child’s Need for Placement

Why Adolescents Make Such Bad Decisions

Many teenagers simply cannot make effectual decisions because their brains have not reached full maturity. They lack the ability to regulate their emotions and control their impulses. When a teenager faces mental health concerns, the inability to make wise decisions becomes even more pronounced, often leading them down the destructive path of substance use (including marijuana) and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana). Within the scope of our therapeutic regimen, adolescents are afforded the opportunity to reclaim their personal trajectories and cultivate the essential competencies requisite for emerging as accomplished young adults. The integration of our fully accredited academic curriculum ensures that teenagers can concurrently receive the requisite therapeutic interventions, thereby preempting any academic regression. Our commitment to fostering tailored education is exemplified by our small classroom sizes (6-12 pupils), where certified educators adeptly devise individualized academic blueprints, accommodating diverse learning proficiencies and ensuring the realization of academic success. This educational journey culminates in the cultivation of a genuine fondness for learning among adolescents. An integral component of our therapeutic modality is the immersive outdoor milieu. Enveloped by the natural splendor of the surroundings, we curate a regimen of daily therapeutic outdoor activities that engender introspection and goal-oriented pursuits. The collaborative engagement of teenagers with their peers in the pursuit of common objectives enhances their cooperative aptitudes. Activities encompass hiking, swimming, skiing, camping, and mountain biking, collectively imparting a repertoire of new skills that underpin their journey toward sober, successful livelihoods. Acknowledging the palpable apprehension that may besiege parents in Las Vegas, NV, as they witness their offspring veer off-course, our presence is poised to extend guidance. We are resolute in offering parental guidance and support, facilitating an environment where teenagers can traverse the path of transformation. Anchored within our Group Home program, adolescents ascertain their intrinsic self-worth, facilitating the emergence of refined decision-making acumen that steers them toward a triumphant future Turning Winds is a leading residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school, providing primary behavioral and mental health care to teen boys and girls in Las Vegas, NV; who may be coping with clinical depression, child abuse, and/or technology addiction (cell phone, social media) problems. Contact one of our professional consultants at (800) 845-1380 today!



National Authority For Parents Of Struggling Youth From Las Vegas, NV

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP understands parents from Las Vegas, NV can become extremely anxious and stressed when their struggling adolescent or young adult is feeling somber and wanting treatment. The NATSAP website is full of extensive information to help parents make the difficult decision on which treatment options in Las Vegas, NV will be most beneficial. The NATSAP website also offers articles and helpful questions parents can ask before they place their child in any therapeutic facility for troubled teenagers or young men and women. Though they are not a referral or placement authority, they have a team of volunteers that help counselors and programs that are trying to help at-risk teenagers and young men and women across the country.

Las Vegas, NV Area Resources For Parents Of At-Risk Youth

As one of the best academic institutes for life skills development and experiential education and a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) in the US, Turning Winds approves of the principles of this leading authority of volunteers and professional counselors.

Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) – DHHS advances the health and well-being of its residents through the delivery and facilitation of a variety of essential health services. To ensure that families are empowered and public health is maintained, DHHS coaches individuals to the achievement of self-sufficiency. Composed of five divisions, the Department is the largest in Nevada State government.

DHHS encourages the health and prosperity of its citizens through the emphasis and facilitation of a variation of fundamental health assistances. To guarantee that families are empowered, and public health is sustained, DHHS coaches people towards the realization of self-sufficiency. This Department is the largest in Nevada State government; it is made up of five separate sections.

National Alliance on Mental Illness Southern Nevada (NAMI-SN) – NAMI of Southern Nevada is a non-profit, grassroots coalition that serves the mental illness demands of the inhabitants. The message of NAMI is to replace mental illness “stigmas” with “understanding,” which will help thousands of families and individuals faced with mental illness disorders. NAMI of Southern Nevada uses dedicated volunteers who act together to promote awareness of mental illness in general. Thus providing vital education, advocacy and support body programs for individuals and their loved ones in our community living with mental illness. From around the country, mental illness touches the lives of at least one-in-four adults and one-in-ten children in the United States.

Southern Nevada’s NAMI is a not for profit organization that aims to serve the people’s demands regarding mental illness. Their mission is to replace disorder “stigmas” with a level of understanding, which can help numerous families and individuals challenged with mental illness disorders. NAMI of Southern Nevada has dedicated volunteers who work collectively to further education, advocacy and group support programs for individuals including their loved ones and the community.

Families from Las Vegas, NV have made Turning Winds their first choice for child transformation and help. Parents, wanting guidance for their child, can expect a team of compassionate, professional counselors and leaders here at Turning Winds. Turning Winds operates from the understanding that “transformation” must come from the inside-out, not from the outside-in. We are dedicated to providing guidance to not only teenagers coping with clinical depression, drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), or kleptomania, but also the entire family; with the help they need for lasting transformation.

Our counselors are dedicated to not only providing help to our young students in need, but also the whole family; with the care and commitment required for full transformation. It is our desire to assist, guide, and coach parents from Las Vegas, NV, with a at-risk child, through a very difficult time. Turning Winds is here to serve! There is hope… and you are not alone. The vision of Turning Winds is to bring forth peace while recovering emotional health for struggling adolescents from Las Vegas, NV.

In short, the counselors at Turning Winds are skilled at counseling at-risk teenagers from Las Vegas, NV with lasting transformation. As a leading academic institute, we offer a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy), outdoor recreation and adventure therapy, and life skills development and experiential education; leading our young students to a healthy, balanced life. If you feel you may benefit from our academic institute, we encourage you to contact our consultants as the first step to creating lasting change in your struggling child’s life. We give help to vulnerable adolescents from Las Vegas, NV. Call us at (800) 845-1380 to speak with one of our knowledgeable consultants today!

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