Group Homes In Indianapolis, IN

Group Homes In Indianapolis, IN

Turning Winds is a top-notch residential treatment center specializing in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for teens from Indianapolis, IN who may be undergoing trials such as video game addiction (gaming), alcohol dependence, and/or low self-esteem.

One of the biggest threats today to young people from Indianapolis, IN is substance abuse. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 9.4% of teenagers have used an illicit drug within the past month. This same study showed marijuana use is on the rise.

Many adolescent boys and girls are falling victim to drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) and alcohol dependence, leading them to make poor decisions that place their lives in danger. Parents in the Indianapolis, IN area who are searching for help for their teens often seek a group home. It is important parents educate themselves on what these facilities can and cannot provide their at-risk adolescent.

The Group Home Environment

Though there are likely good group homes in the Indianapolis, IN area, these state-run partnerships typically only provide housing for mentally and physically disabled children and adults who cannot live with their families or on their own. These Group Home environments are generally not therapeutic and do not foster true change for troubled teens.

We understand the deep concern that parents from Indianapolis carry when they are in search of a Group Home for their adolescents. The journey to finding the right support for your child can be overwhelming, and it’s only natural to want a residential therapeutic facility that offers comprehensive healing and an avenue for their education to flourish. At Turning Winds, we recognize this aspiration and are committed to providing the exact program that parents like you are truly seeking when exploring group home options.

Our dedication is rooted in delivering genuine therapeutic care to adolescent boys and girls who are navigating through a range of challenges. We address mental health hurdles, behavioral obstacles, and the complex issues of drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) and alcohol dependence. These are serious matters that require a specialized approach, and our comprehensive program ensures that every aspect of your child’s well-being is attended to.

Our fully accredited academic program forms an integral part of our therapeutic model. We believe that education plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of young individuals. Through this program, your teen not only gains academic knowledge but also develops a passion for learning, discovering their potential to excel in their educational journey

While we may be located beyond the borders of Indianapolis, our commitment knows no bounds. Turning Winds stands as a steadfast ally to at-risk adolescents nationwide. We understand that sometimes a change of environment is essential for healing, away from negative influences that might hinder their progress. Our treatment center is a haven of support and growth, where troubled teens can find the direction they need to embark on a positive trajectory.

Turning Winds is a reputatable residential treatment center, faithful to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for adolescent boys and girls in Indianapolis, IN battling alcohol dependence, ADD/ADHD (attentional disorder), and/or other mental health related obstacles. To find out more about our programparents can contact one of our professional admissions specialists at 800-845-1380 today!

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Group Homes For Girls

Our therapeutic group home program is one that fosters true change; by assisting girls from Indianapolis, IN to understand the underlying mental health trials that may be to blame for their behaviors and the choices they make.

Turning Winds aims to impart a transformative perspective to at-risk girls, guiding them towards a fresh outlook on life. Our mission involves helping these young individuals unearth their true selves, fostering the self-worth and confidence required to make decisions that steer their lives towards positive trajectories, shielding them from potential harm. Through our comprehensive approach, both adolescent boys and girls are provided with the essential tools to fortify themselves against the resurgence of drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) and alcohol dependence.

Our Co-ed experience plays a pivotal role in nurturing social development. It offers girls an opportunity to interact with boys, an essential component of their maturation process. While some parents might contemplate the advantages of a single-gender Group Home for their at-risk daughters, it’s important to note that research indicates that such facilities often fall short in preparing teens for a successful reintegration into conventional society upon completing the program.

Group Homes For Boys

Turning Winds presents an innovative treatment paradigm tailored to young boys who have veered off their intended paths in life. For many, the challenge lies in grappling with emotional pain, which leads them to seek solace in alcohol and drugs, triggering drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) and alcohol dependence. Through the reparative process we offer, boys are equipped with the means to transcend mental health constraints, resulting in the development of enhanced decision-making abilities conducive to the pursuit of authentic sobriety.

Our Co-Ed model extends its nurturing embrace to both at-risk adolescent boys and girls, enveloping them in an environment reflective of real-life dynamics. Here, they cultivate a profound understanding of the opposite sex, fostering collaboration as they journey towards their sobriety objectives. Often, the social skills required for positive life relationships are underdeveloped during the teenage years. As our program unfolds, adolescent boys and girls emerge with a newfound respect for themselves and others—an invaluable skill set propelling them towards robust health and success as they transition into adulthood.

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Why Adolescents Make Such Bad Decisions

Many adolescent boys and girls simply cannot make effectual decisions because their brains have not reached full maturity. They lack the ability to regulate their emotions and control their impulses. When a adolescent faces mental health concerns, the inability to make wise decisions becomes even more pronounced, often leading them down the destructive path of drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana) and alcohol dependence.

Within our treatment framework, we extend to teenagers the opportunity to reclaim their lives and cultivate the essential skills that will empower them to blossom into accomplished young men and women. Our fully accredited academic program affords adolescent boys and girls access to the requisite therapeutic support while they pursue their education, ensuring that they remain on track. Our intimate classroom sizes, accommodating 6 to 12 students, enable our certified educators to tailor individualized education plans, thus accommodating diverse learning profiles and fostering success in their academic pursuits. Through this academic curriculum, adolescent boys and girls cultivate an enduring love for learning.

A distinctive hallmark of our approach, in contrast to traditional group homes, is our utilization of the outdoors as a therapeutic backdrop. Embraced by the enchanting beauty of nature, we orchestrate a repertoire of daily therapeutic outdoor activities, fostering introspection and the pursuit of personal objectives. Within this context, teenagers collaboratively engage to achieve shared goals. Whether it’s hiking, swimming, skiing, camping, or mountain biking, our adolescents continually acquire new proficiencies that are pivotal for a life defined by sobriety and success.

We recognize the heart-rending concerns that parents in Indianapolis, IN may grapple with when they observe their child’s journey taking an adverse trajectory. Our role is to provide a guiding light, assisting parents in locating the right path for their adolescent boys and girls, steering them away from the precipice and towards a future characterized by promise and achievement. Through our Group Home program, teenagers embark on a transformative journey to unearth their intrinsic self-worth, instilling within them the capacity to make astute life choices that will propel them towards a triumphant future.

At Turning Winds, we stand as a vanguard residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school. Our dedication is unwavering, encompassing the provision of paramount behavioral and mental health care to adolescents in Indianapolis, IN. These are individuals grappling with an array of challenges, including self-harm tendencies, navigating complex blended family dynamics, and contending with behavioral or process addictions like pornography or gaming. For further information, we invite parents to reach out to our seasoned admissions specialists at 800-845-1380 today.




National Resource For Parents Of At-Risk Youth From Indianapolis, IN

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP understands parents from Indianapolis, IN can become extremely anxious and stressed when their at-risk teen or young adult is feeling despondent and searching for treatment. The NATSAP website is full of extensive information to help parents make the difficult decision on which treatment options in Indianapolis, IN will be most beneficial. The NATSAP website also delivers articles and helpful questions parents can ask before they place their child in any treatment center for struggling youth or young men and women. Though they are not a referral or placement resource, they have a team of volunteers that support counselors and programs that are trying to help troubled adolescent boys and girls and young men and women across the country.

Support In Indianapolis, IN For Parents And Troubled Youth

Turning Winds, who is considered the top-notch academic institute in the nation, endorses the ideology of this superior organization of volunteers and professional counselors; assisting and healing troubled youth undergoing the common obstacles of today.

Indianapolis witnessed the emergence of a transformative milestone in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, as a groundbreaking investment of one hundred million dollars materializes into the Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute. This state-of-the-art facility, positioned on the Eastside campus of Community Hospital, will embody a paradigm shift in addressing psychiatric illnesses and addiction on a statewide scale. Indiana officials have articulated a comprehensive approach for the institute, emphasizing early and precise diagnosis, effective treatment, and stabilization of patients’ conditions. The institute will not merely conclude its role within hospital walls; it is designed to extend support to patients throughout their journey, ensuring continuity of care within the community.

The synergy of medical expertise and infrastructure will be potent within the hospital, offering direct and immediate access to a spectrum of medical interventions. Moreover, through telemedicine services, treatment will transcend the confines of the hospital, facilitating remote care and enabling providers across the state to collaborate and consult seamlessly.

Then Governor Mike Pence, acknowledging the profound implications of this initiative, aptly described it as more than just a physical structure; it signifies a fundamental transformation in the care model. The launch of this endeavor marks a new epoch in addressing mental health and addiction, promising hope and progress for individuals in need.

Embarking on construction in April, the hospital’s development represents a decisive step towards evolving the mental health landscape. Scheduled to commence patient services in 2018, this monumental project will be funded through 20-year taxable bonds. The urgency of this effort is underscored by the fact that approximately half of Indiana’s incarcerated population, numbering around 30,000 individuals, grapple with either mental health disorders or substance abuse issues. A shift towards providing effective and timely care to these individuals holds the promise of not only enhancing their well-being but also mitigating their involvement in the criminal justice system.

Indiana’s history in mental health care has undergone substantial shifts. Once home to more than 6,000 beds in thirteen hospitals, the state embraced the deinstitutionalization movement in the 1960s and ’70s, significantly reducing its mental health facilities and bed capacity in favor of community-based care. Presently, the state operates with around 800 beds across six mental health facilities. The Indiana Neuro-Diagnostic Institute stands as an emblem of progress, reclaiming the spirit of comprehensive care and offering a beacon of hope to those who need it most.

Turning Winds is the trusted choice for parents from Indianapolis, IN who may be searching for the optimal therapeutic boarding school to provide direction for their at-risk child who may be battling self-harming behavior, alcohol dependence, or peer conflict. Here at Turning Winds, parents and families from Indianapolis, IN can expect only the best results from our compassionate and professional counselors. Our research-validated approach to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy has proven to deliver success!

Turning Winds’s counselors and field staff discourage judgments and labels, and never allow a diagnosis to interfere with what at-risk teens have in common with each other – their humanity. We have provided support to numerous families from all over the nation, including those from Indianapolis, IN; Our licensed counselors provide top-notch therapy toward the path of rehabilitation for teens battling drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), ADD/ADHD (attentional disorder), or anger.

In short, Turning Winds knows how to support at-risk adolescent boys and girls with lasting rehabilitation; and how to forge a new path for proper direction and purpose in life. We are considered a top-notch academic institute and multi-level clinical program, where we teach a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy that leads to a healthy, balanced life. If you are ready to take advantage of the leading academic institute that Turning Winds can provide, we encourage you to contact our admissions specialists; to begin the lasting change in your child’s life. We give support to troubled teens from Indianapolis, IN. Call us at 800-845-1380 to speak with one of our knowledgeable admissions specialists today!

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