Group Homes In Dallas, TX

Group Homes In Dallas, TX

Turning Winds is a premier residential treatment center specializing in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for teen boys and girls from Dallas, TX who may be going through dilemmas such as technology addiction (social media, cell phone), opiate abuse/addiction, and/or depressive disorder.

One of the biggest threats today to young people from Dallas, TX is substance abuse. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 9.4% of teenagers have used an illicit drug within the past month. This same study showed marijuana use is on the rise.

Many adolescents are falling victim to alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction, leading them to make poor decisions that place their lives in danger. Parents in the Dallas, TX area who are looking for help for their teen boys and girls often seek a group home. It is important parents educate themselves on what these facilities can and cannot provide their at-risk adolescent.

The Group Home Environment

Though there are likely good group homes in the Dallas, TX area, these state-run authorities typically only provide housing for mentally and physically disabled children and adults who cannot live with their families or on their own. These Group Home environments are generally not therapeutic and do not foster true change for troubled teens.

Most parents who are looking for a Group Home for their adolescent are really searching for a residential treatment facility that will offer full therapeutics and an opportunity for Image of a recovering adolescent from Dallas, TX feeling optimistic at a therapeutic center for struggling youththeir child to pursue their education. At Turning Winds, we provide the program parents mistakenly believe they are looking for when they search for a group home.

Our program offers therapy for adolescents who are facing mental health dilemmas, behavioral problems, alcohol dependence, and opiate abuse/addiction. Through our fully accredited academic program, teen boys and girls develop a love of learning and discover they can be successful in pursuing their education. Although Turning Winds may be located outside the state of Dallas, TX, Turning Winds is devoted to at-risk adolescents from all over the country. Also, it is recommended to have troubled teens receive restoring help at a therapeutic center for struggling youth away from the negative influences of unsupportive peers. Turning Winds is a distinguished residential treatment center, devoted to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for adolescents in Dallas, TX struggling with opiate abuse/addiction, bipolar disorder, and/or other mental health related problems. To find out more about our program, parents can contact one of our expert intake counselors at 800-845-1380 today! Testimonials from Students Testimonials from Parents

Group Homes For Girls

Our therapeutic program is one that fosters true change; by supporting girls from Dallas, TX to understand the underlying mental health dilemmas that may be to blame for their behaviors and the choices they make. Turning Winds is at the forefront of providing specialized therapeutic interventions for at-risk girls. Our program centers on fostering self-awareness, bolstering self-esteem, and equipping adolescents with essential life skills to make beneficial choices. Our evidence-based therapeutic approach addresses challenges such as alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction, laying the groundwork for sustained recovery. Our Co-ed methodology is strategic. While the allure of single-gender group homes might seem beneficial, current research suggests that co-ed environments better prepare adolescents for real-world interactions. This balanced exposure aids in their smooth transition back into society post-program.

Group Homes For Boys

At Turning Winds, we’ve curated a unique therapeutic model tailored for boys grappling with the intricacies of life. It’s evident that many young men, when overwhelmed, might resort to harmful coping mechanisms like alcohol or drugs. Our program prioritizes mental and emotional well-being, ensuring that these young men receive comprehensive care. We facilitate the acquisition of decision-making skills rooted in sound judgment, steering them towards a path of genuine sobriety. For parents in Dallas, TX and beyond, the decision to invest in treatment is pivotal. We invite you to consider Turning Winds as the therapeutic cornerstone for your child’s transformative journey.
Therapists and teen at a residential treatment facility.
Our program offers at-risk adolescents with a true life environment. Here, they learn to find common ground with members of the opposite sex so they can work together towards achieving their sobriety goals. Often, teen boys and girls lack the social skills they need for positive relationships in life. When they graduate from our program, adolescents will have learned how to respect themselves and others. These are skills that will propel them towards becoming healthy, successful young adults. Take Our Test – Determine Your Child’s Need for Placement\

Why Adolescents Make Such Bad Decisions

Many adolescents simply cannot make effectual decisions because their brains have not reached full maturity. They lack the ability to regulate their emotions and control their impulses. When a adolescent faces mental health concerns, the inability to make wise decisions becomes even more pronounced, often leading them down the destructive path of alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction. At Turning Winds, we recognize the immense potential within every young individual, even when they veer off track. Our treatment paradigm is meticulously designed to empower teen boys and girls, providing them with the opportunity to regain control and flourish as thriving young adults. Our accredited academic program ensures they receive not only pivotal therapeutic care but also a rigorous education. With individualized learning plans facilitated by our adept certified educators in our intentionally small classes, we are dedicated to fostering an environment where all adolescents, irrespective of their learning proficiencies, can achieve academic success and rekindle their passion for learning. Nature, with its therapeutic serenity, plays an instrumental role in our holistic approach. Immersed in its beauty, our daily outdoor activities serve as catalysts for introspection and the pursuit of personal goals. These ventures – be it hiking, swimming, skiing, camping, or mountain biking – are more than just activities. They are life lessons, equipping adolescents with essential life skills pivotal for a sober and accomplished future. We empathize deeply with the anxieties Dallas parents undergo when they witness their child’s struggles. Our commitment at Turning Winds is not only to redirect adolescents to a brighter path but also to extend our expertise to parents, aiding them in making informed decisions. Our program is anchored in cultivating self-worth, enabling teens to make judicious life choices that set them on a trajectory toward a promising future. As a leading residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school in Dallas, TX, Turning Winds is poised to address complex behavioral and mental health challenges, from anxiety and reactions to familial changes to digital age challenges like internet addiction. Our team of seasoned intake counselors is ready to guide you. Reach out to us at 800-845-1380 for a transformative journey.



National Institution For Parents Of At-Risk Youth From Dallas, TX

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP understands parents from Dallas, TX can become extremely anxious and stressed when their at-risk teen or young adult is feeling despondent and looking for treatment. The NATSAP website is full of extensive information to help parents make the difficult decision on which treatment options in Dallas, TX will be most beneficial. The NATSAP website also offers articles and helpful questions parents can ask before they place their child in any therapeutic center for troubled youth or young adults. Though they are not a referral or placement institution, they have a team of volunteers that guidance practitioners and programs that are trying to help troubled adolescents and young adults across the country.

Guidance For Parents Of Troubled Teens In Dallas, TX

National Alliance on Mental Illness Dallas (NAMI-Dallas) – As one of the top therapeutic boarding schools for life skills development and experiential education and a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) in the nation, Turning Winds prescribes to the convictions of this premier resource of volunteers and expert practitioners. NAMI has proved itself as the most impressive grassroots mental health advocacy institution in the country, since its inception in 1979. NAMI’s mission is dedication, steadfast commitment and unceasing belief in producing profound changes for Dallas, TX residents. Being the driving force behind a national investment in lifesaving research, NAMI has been a leader in parity for mental health care, increased housing, and ensuring that treatment facilities and services are accessible to all those in need.

Families from Dallas, TX have made Turning Winds their top choice when it comes to the healing and change of their troubled child struggling with bipolar disorder, opiate abuse/addiction, or oppositional defiant disorder. Parents can expect Turning Winds to have a team of staff consisting of compassionate, skilled practitioners and leaders. Our practitioners operate with the understanding that change must first come from the inside, rather than from external influences. Turning Winds is devoted to the proper help, not only for your troubled child, but your entire family as well. We are proud to provide inspired guidance to ensure a lasting change. We have the utmost respect for every client and family that we work with, and this is something that sets our Academic Institute and treatment program apart from the rest. Turning Winds’s practitioners acknowledge and appreciate the issues that adolescents from Dallas, TX deal with every day.

With decades of collective experience in the residential treatment center industry, our practitioners can quickly identify and help alcohol dependence issues, challenges related to bipolar disorder, and the causes for defiance. In short, Turning Winds knows how to support at-risk adolescents with lasting change; and how to forge a new path for proper help and purpose in life. We are considered a premier Academic Institute and full continuum of care, where we teach a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy that leads to a healthy, balanced life. If you are ready to take advantage of the leading therapeutic treatment and Academic Institute that Turning Winds can provide, we encourage you to contact our intake counselors; to begin the lasting change in your child’s life. We give guidance to troubled teen boys and girls from Dallas, TX. Call us at (800) 845-1380 to speak with one of our knowledgeable intake counselors today!

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