Group Homes In Cincinnati, OH

Group Homes In Cincinnati, OH

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Turning Winds is a leading residential treatment center specializing in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for adolescents from Cincinnati, OH who may be undergoing problems such as food addiction (overeating, binge eating), drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), and/or bullying (or being bullied).

One of the biggest threats today to young people from Cincinnati, OH is substance abuse. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 9.4% of teenagers have used an illicit drug within the past month. This same study showed marijuana use is on the rise.

Many teenagers are falling victim to substance use (including marijuana) and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), leading them to make poor decisions that place their lives in danger. Parents in the Cincinnati, OH area who are wanting help for their adolescents often seek a group home. It is important parents educate themselves on what these facilities can and cannot give their struggling teenager.

The Group Home Environment

In the Cincinnati, OH region, the available group homes are primarily designed to accommodate mentally and physically disabled individuals who require housing due to an inability to reside independently or with their families. These state-run facilities cater to a distinct demographic and typically lack therapeutic orientation, rendering them inadequate for addressing the needs of troubled teenagers seeking comprehensive transformation.

Within the context of parental aspirations for a Group Home setting, it is important to underscore that the desire often centers around a residential treatment paradigm that encompasses holistic therapy and an educational pathway, aligning with the intent to facilitate profound change. At Turning Winds, our program aligns with the expectations parents may harbor when seeking a Group Home environment. Our aim is to offer a cohesive therapeutic framework, extending the opportunity for teenagers to receive comprehensive therapy and pursue academic pursuits, embodying the holistic transformation parents truly seek.

Our program provides targeted therapeutic interventions for adolescents grappling with a spectrum of challenges encompassing mental health complexities, behavioral impediments, substance utilization (including marijuana), as well as drug abuse and addiction (inclusive of marijuana abuse). In conjunction with our fully accredited academic curriculum, our program serves as a conduit through which adolescents cultivate a genuine enthusiasm for learning, thereby discovering their inherent capacity for academic accomplishment. While the physical location of Turning Winds lies beyond the confines of Cincinnati, OH, it is paramount to underscore our unwavering commitment to extending our services to distressed teenagers hailing from diverse geographical locations across the nation. Furthermore, recognizing the vulnerability of at-risk adolescents to detrimental peer influences, it is advisable to direct such individuals towards rehabilitative guidance within a therapeutic milieu tailored to their needs, thereby fostering a restorative trajectory away from the adverse impact of unsupportive peer associations. Turning Winds stands as a deliberate selection for a residential treatment center, committed to employing an array of therapeutic intervention modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and behavioral therapy. This approach is complemented by the fostering of life skills development and experiential education, all designed to address the multifaceted needs of teenagers grappling with challenges encompassing drug abuse/addiction, including marijuana, as well as anxiety and other pertinent mental health concerns. To find out more about our program, parents can contact one of our professional consultants at (800) 845-1380 today! Testimonials from Students Testimonials from Parents

Group Homes For Girls

Our therapeutic program is one that fosters true change; by counseling girls from Cincinnati, OH to understand the underlying mental health problems that may be to blame for their behaviors and the choices they make. Turning Winds endeavors to instill a renewed perspective in struggling adolescent girls, facilitating their journey towards self-discovery and the cultivation of self-worth and esteem. This empowerment equips them with the aptitude to make judicious decisions that contribute positively to their lives, deterring them from perilous choices. The therapeutic process introduces essential skills to teenagers, fortifying them against the pull of substance use, including marijuana, and the perils of drug abuse/addiction, including marijuana. Our Co-ed environment provides a valuable opportunity for girls to develop the art of social interaction with boys, a pathway to social maturity. While some parents may consider a single-gender Group Home more suitable for their daughter in distress, empirical evidence underscores that such facilities inadequately prepare adolescents to reintegrate into conventional society upon program completion.

Group Homes For Boys

Turning Winds provides a unique treatment approach for boys who seem to have lost their way in life. Many young men simply do not know how to effectively face the pain in their lives, so they turn to alcohol and drugs that lead to substance use (including marijuana) and Image of a happy teenagers from Cincinnati, OH feeling upbeat at a therapeutic facility for struggling teenagersdrug abuse/addiction (including marijuana). When boys are offered the therapy they need to overcome mental health constraints; they learn to make better life decisions so they can pursue true sobriety.

Our Co-Ed Group Home offers struggling teenagers with a true life environment. Here, they learn to find common ground with members of the opposite sex so they can work together towards achieving their sobriety goals. Often, adolescents lack the social skills they need for positive relationships in life. When they graduate from our program, teenagers will have learned how to respect themselves and others. These are skills that will propel them towards becoming healthy, successful young men and women.

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Why Adolescents Make Such Bad Decisions

Many teenagers simply cannot make effectual decisions because their brains have not reached full maturity. They lack the ability to regulate their emotions and control their impulses. When a teenager faces mental health concerns, the inability to make wise decisions becomes even more pronounced, often leading them down the destructive path of substance use (including marijuana) and drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana).

Through our Turning Winds  treatment program, adolescents can be offered the chance to reclaim their lives and learn the skills they need to become successful young men and women. Our fully accredited academic program, teenagers can receive the adequate therapy they require while pursuing their education, so they do not fall behind. Our small classroom sizes (6-12 young students) allow our certified teachers to provide individualized education plans, so adolescents of all learning abilities can be successful in their academic pursuit. Through our academic program, teenagers learn to love learning.

A big part of the therapy our therapy uses outdoors as a method to connect. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, we give daily therapeutic outdoor activities that foster self-reflection and goal pursuits. Teens learn to work with their peers to reach common goals. Whether hiking, swimming, skiing, camping or mountain biking, adolescents are consistently learning new skills, they will need to live sober, successful lives.

We understand how frightening it can be for parents in Cincinnati, OH who see their child going down the wrong path in life. We are here to guide parents with finding guidance for their teenagers so they can turn their lives around. Through our program, adolescents will learn their own self-worth so they can make better life decisions that will propel them towards a successful future.

Turning Winds is a leading residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school, providing primary behavioral and mental health care to teen boys and girls in Cincinnati, OH; who may be coping with clinical depression, child abuse, and/or technology addiction (cell phone, social media) problems. Contact one of our professional consultants at 800-845-1380 today!



National Authority For Parents Of Struggling Youth From Cincinnati, OH

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP understands parents from Cincinnati, OH can become extremely anxious and stressed when their struggling adolescent or young adult is feeling somber and wanting treatment. The NATSAP website is full of extensive information to help parents make the difficult decision on which treatment options in Cincinnati, OH will be most beneficial. The NATSAP website also offers articles and helpful questions parents can ask before they place their child in any therapeutic facility for troubled teenagers or young men and women. Though they are not a referral or placement authority, they have a team of volunteers that help counselors and programs that are trying to help at-risk teenagers and young men and women across the country.

Mental Health Guidance In Cincinnati, OH For Struggling Youth

National Alliance on Mental Illness Southwest Ohio (NAMI) – As one of the best Academic Institutes for a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy in the US, Turning Winds echoes the philosophy of this leading authority of volunteers and professional counselors. The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) of Southwest Ohio is a grassroots education, help, and advocacy authority founded in 1979. Independently founded as NAMI Hamilton County, at the end of 2014 NAMI Hamilton County, NAMI Warren County, and NAMI Clermont County, united to help better the district for Cincinnati, OH citizens. They give instructional programs, support gatherings, and an information and referral phone line. They work together with their national organization (NAMI), and their state affiliate (NAMI Ohio) to advocate for adolescents and young men and women coping with mental illness. Turning Winds is the optimal choice for parents in Cincinnati, OH who seek a Academic Institute  with a full continuum of care to give guidance for their struggling child undergoing drug abuse/addiction (including marijuana), depression, or anxiety. Since it can be difficult to work with highly resistant teenagers, most programs rely heavily upon level systems, punishments, and other disciplinary tactics in order to manage a teenager’s behavior. Here at Turning Winds, we recognize that the situation of one struggling child may not apply to all of our young students. As a result, Turning Winds is dedicated to meeting the particular needs of each adolescent with the utmost professionalism and compassion. Turning Winds’s counselors and field staff discourage the use of judgments and labels, and never condone one’s diagnosis to interfere with a at-risk adolescent’s sense of self or ability to form friendships with one another. At Turning Winds, we involve the entire family (especially the parents) in the adolescent’s therapy, transformation, and guidance. Turning Winds has served numerous struggling teenagers over the years. Our track record has proven to cause life changing results for our young students and their families. Because of our leading a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy, struggling adolescents can grow to be healthy adults, and Turning Winds’s young students can emerge as strong people who are motivated to succeed. Turning Winds recognizes that the entire family needs the help that our trained counselors give; so that your child can be rehabilitated and whole. Turning Winds’ consultants can be reached immediately at 800-845-1380.

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