Group Homes In Chicago, IL

Group Homes In Chicago, IL

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Turning Winds is a premier residential treatment center specializing in a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for teen boys and girls from Chicago, IL who may be going through dilemmas such as technology addiction (social media, cell phone), drug abuse/addiction, and/or depressive disorder.

One of the biggest threats today to young people from Chicago, IL is substance abuse. According to a survey conducted by the National Institute on Drug Abuse, around 9.4% of teenagers have used an illicit drug within the past month. This same study showed marijuana use is on the rise.

Many adolescents are falling victim to alcohol dependence and opiate abuse, leading them to make poor decisions that place their lives in danger. Parents in the Chicago, IL area who are looking for help for their teen boys and girls often seek a group home. It is important parents educate themselves on what these facilities can and cannot provide their at-risk adolescent.

The Group Home Environment

Though there are likely good group homes in the Chicago, IL area, these state-run authorities typically only provide housing for mentally and physically disabled children and adults who cannot live with their families or on their own. These Group Home environments are generally not therapeutic and do not foster true change for troubled teens.

In the pursuit of a Group Home for their adolescent, parents are often seeking a comprehensive residential treatment facility that offers a holistic approach to therapy while ensuring the continuity of education. At Turning Winds, we align with this aspiration, delivering the very program that parents inadvertently find themselves seeking when they embark on the search for a group home.

Central to our program is the provision of therapeutic interventions tailored to address the multifaceted challenges faced by adolescents. From mental health complexities and behavioral intricacies to the complexities of alcohol dependence or opiate abuse/addiction, our approach is designed to facilitate comprehensive healing. Parallel to this, our fully accredited academic curriculum lays the foundation for academic achievement, fostering a profound love for learning and bolstering the confidence of teen boys and girls in their educational pursuits.

Though Turning Winds may be situated outside the geographical confines of Chicago, IL, our commitment extends nationwide, embracing at-risk adolescents from across the spectrum. Recognizing the potential impact of unsupportive environments, we advocate for the transformative journey to unfold within the nurturing confines of a therapeutic center for struggling youth, a space removed from the negative influences that may otherwise hinder progress.

Turning Winds is a distinguished residential treatment center, devoted to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and life skills development and experiential education for adolescents in Chicago, IL struggling with opiate abuse/addiction, bipolar disorder, and/or other mental health related problems. To find out more about our programparents can contact one of our expert intake counselors at 800-845-1380 today!

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Group Homes For Girls

Our therapeutic group home program is one that fosters true change; by supporting girls from Chicago, IL to understand the underlying mental health dilemmas that may be to blame for their behaviors and the choices they make.

Turning Winds embarks on a mission to extend a lifeline to at-risk girls, guiding them towards a fresh perspective on life. Our heartfelt approach helps them unravel their true selves, nurturing the self-worth and confidence that is crucial for making decisions that steer their lives toward positivity and away from peril. Through a therapeutic journey, adolescents discover the essential life skills that empower them to steer clear of the clutches of alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction.

Our Co-ed experience stands as a unique opportunity for girls to navigate social interactions with boys, a dynamic that fosters social maturity. While some parents may lean towards a single-gender Group Home for their at-risk daughters, it’s important to note that research underscores the limitations of such settings in preparing teen boys and girls to reintegrate effectively into society after their program completion.

We embrace these challenges with an understanding heart, knowing that every adolescent’s journey is unique. Turning Winds is a haven where girls find guidance, strength, and camaraderie to rise above their circumstances. Together, we foster an environment that illuminates the path to resilience and personal growth, providing them with the tools to embrace their futures with hope and determination.

Group Homes For Boys

Turning Winds extends a hand of transformation to boys who may have lost their way in life. The journey to healing is unique for each young man, as many struggle to confront the pain that life presents, leading them down the path of alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction. Through a carefully tailored therapeutic approach, these boys are empowered to navigate their mental health challenges, equipping them with the tools needed to forge a future of better choices and genuine sobriety.

Our program stands as a haven for at-risk adolescents, offering a true-to-life environment where they can find their footing once again. Here, they learn to bridge the gap between genders, working together to achieve the shared goal of sobriety. In the safe haven of our program, where understanding and guidance flourish, teen boys and girls embark on a journey to acquire social skills vital for nurturing positive relationships. When they emerge from our program, these adolescents carry with them a profound sense of self-respect and an understanding of the worth of others. These newfound skills become their compass, steering them towards a future marked by robust health and resounding success.

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Why Adolescents Make Such Bad Decisions

Many adolescents simply cannot make effectual decisions because their brains have not reached full maturity. They lack the ability to regulate their emotions and control their impulses. When a adolescent faces mental health concerns, the inability to make wise decisions becomes even more pronounced, often leading them down the destructive path of alcohol dependence and opiate abuse/addiction.

Guided by our dedicated staff, teenage boys and girls find an opportunity to reclaim their lives and cultivate the skills they need for a promising future. Anchored by our fully accredited academic program, adolescents receive essential therapy while continuing their education without compromise. Our intimate classroom settings (6-12 clients) enable our certified educators to tailor learning plans to accommodate diverse learning styles, ensuring that every teen, regardless of ability, thrives academically and develops a genuine love for learning.

The therapeutic embrace of nature forms an integral part of our program. Amid the serene beauty of the outdoors, we offer daily activities designed to foster self-reflection and the pursuit of meaningful goals. Through collaborative endeavors, whether it’s hiking, swimming, skiing, camping, or mountain biking, young boys and girls learn vital life skills essential for a sober, triumphant journey ahead.

We understand the profound concern that grips parents in Chicago, IL, watching their child veer off course. Our commitment is to stand alongside parents, assisting them in seeking the help their teenagers need to transform their lives. Through our program, adolescent boys and girls rediscover their intrinsic self-worth, empowering them to make life-altering choices that propel them towards a future brimming with success.

As a premier residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school, Turning Winds is dedicated to providing paramount behavioral and mental health care for teenage boys and girls in Chicago, IL. We address a range of challenges, including anxiety, reactions to divorce, and the pull of internet addiction (porn, social media, YouTube). Reach out to one of our seasoned intake counselors at 800-845-1380 to embark on this transformative journey today!



National Institution For Parents Of At-Risk Youth From Chicago, IL

NATSAP For Parents: NATSAP understands parents from Chicago, IL can become extremely anxious and stressed when their at-risk teen or young adult is feeling despondent and looking for treatment. The NATSAP website is full of extensive information to help parents make the difficult decision on which treatment options in Chicago, IL will be most beneficial. The NATSAP website also offers articles and helpful questions parents can ask before they place their child in any therapeutic center for troubled youth or young adults. Though they are not a referral or placement institution, they have a team of volunteers that guidance practitioners and programs that are trying to help troubled adolescents and young adults across the country.

Chicago, IL Area Resources For Parents Of At-Risk Youth

Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago (MHAGC) – As one of the best Academic Institutes for a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy in the US, Turning Winds echoes the philosophy of this premier institution of volunteers and expert practitioners. The Mental Health Association of Greater Chicago has created a program to educate clients, parents, and administrators on techniques to combat bullying in Chicago, IL. This program was written in conjunction with expert practitioners and consisting of educational programs, online resources, and marketing materials to help spread their message of hope. Recent data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reports that over 2.7 million clients are bullied each year. 1 in 7 clients (grades K-12) in Chicago, IL have either been a victim of bullying, or a bully themselves.

Turning Winds is the favored choice for parents from Chicago, IL, who are looking for an Academic Institute and full continuum of care to provide help to their at-risk child struggling with anxiety, alcohol dependence, or defiance. Here at Turning Winds, parents and families from Chicago, IL can expect the best results from our compassionate and expert practitioners. Our research-validated approach to a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy makes our work WORK! Turning Winds’s serene and distraction-free setting helps even the most treatment-resistant adolescents find their way toward healing and change. Our practitioners are devoted to not only giving’ guidance to our clients in need, but also the whole family; with the care and commitment required for full change. It is our desire to assist, guide, and coach parents from Chicago, IL, with a troubled child, through a very difficult time. Turning Winds is here to serve! There is hope… and you are not alone.

With decades of clinical experience, Turning Winds’ practitioners have the ability to quickly assess, identify, and provide help to teen boys and girls struggling with alcohol dependence, challenges related to bipolar disorder, and causes for defiance. In short, the practitioners at Turning Winds are skilled at supporting troubled adolescents from Chicago, IL with lasting change. As a premier Academic Institute with a full continuum of care, we offer a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy), outdoor recreation and adventure therapy, and life skills development and experiential education; leading our clients to a healthy, balanced life. If you feel you may benefit from our treatment program, we encourage you to contact our experienced admissions staff as the first step to creating lasting change in your at-risk child’s life. We provide guidance to vulnerable teens from Chicago, IL. Call us at 800-845-1380 to speak with one of our knowledgeable intake counselors today!

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