Entitlement Mentality: Is It The Teen Or The Parents?

Entitlement Mentality Cuts Both Ways

If you swear around your kids, you’re going to hear them experiment with those words. If you drink, when they get older they’ll likely do the same. If you feel entitled when you shouldn’t, that mental attitude will be transferred to your children. The thing about entitlement is that it doesn’t always appear to be entitlement.

Sometimes it’s an attitude you yourself picked up from an authority influence in your life when young without realizing it. A certain way of speaking, of carrying yourself–perhaps as a child it seemed attractive to you, and you began adopting such mannerisms subconsciously.

Without hearing anything negative about them, eventually they became your general operating parameters socially; and soon you began to define yourself by your own entitlement. Or maybe you’re not entitled, but your son or daughter has seen someone exhibiting these attitudes, and found such exhibition amenable to their tastes. If you notice your child acting entitled and do nothing about it, then their attitude will only continue to grow.

Entitlement Can Limit Bloom

Who’s more likely to put up with stressful situations; someone who thinks they’re above exertion, or someone who’s learned to put up with difficulty and move past it? The man who works the ranch won’t have a negative emotional response because he’s been left at the wrong hotel and must tote his luggage a block up the street.

The entitled man will hem and haw, waxing ridiculous and turning the air blue for anyone willing to listen long enough. Such a man’s children will naturally mimic him, and this could lead to developmental issues in learning.

It’s fine and good for an old persnickety individual to have some level of entitled feelings, but children shouldn’t be following those examples. The difficulty is, if your child is entitled and you’re to blame, you can’t really fix them without fixing yourself. But how can you go to therapy with your child? Well, there is a kind of solution.

Turning Winds is an educational boarding school with a 5-to-1 student-to-teacher ratio, hands-on learning, and exceptional academic focus. Therapeutic treatments are combined with strong educational focus to successfully help young people transcend their uninformed attitudes and go on to live healthy lives.

With them at school, you can take some time and figure out where you’ve gone wrong, if indeed you’ve found entitlement in your mind’s mirror. Need help, just give us a call to get your questions answered at: 800-845-1380


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