Does Personality-Based Intervention Reduce Teen Binge Drinking?

Recent research has shown that teen binge drinking can be effectively curbed through the use of personality-based intervention.

The research is encouraging for parents whose teens struggle with binge drinking issues, with one study showing that there was a significantly lower rate of drinking among those targeted by this type of intervention.

The research also indicated that personality-based intervention is a more effective use of substance abuse treatment than traditional programs which focus primarily on educating teens about the dangers of binge drinking and drugs.

How is personality-based intervention different from other methods of substance abuse treatment? In studies done both in England and the Netherlands, four aspects of adolescent personality – anxiety, heightened interest in highly-stimulating experiences, impulsiveness, and hopelessness – were used to identify teens who are at a greater risk of becoming involved in binge drinking.

Individuals who were identified as being at-risk then took part in two intervention sessions tailored to his or her personality profile.

Personality-based Intervention Progams Show 40% Reduction

Studies showed that binge-drinking was reduced by over 40 percent in students who exhibited the four personality traits listed and were targeted by the intervention program, compared to those who took part in traditional substance abuse prevention programs.

There’s no denying the dangers of binge drinking for all people, but particularly for teenagers. The negative consequences associated with binge drinking include a higher risk of exposure to accidental injury, assault-related injuries, rape and other forms of sexual assault, and to disease and pregnancy through unprotected sex.

Teens who binge drink also have increased odds of developing an alcohol use disorder, as well as a greater chance of delayed/altered growth and development, and of receiving poor grades.

Experts: Sobering Consequences of Underage Drinking


Programs like Turning Winds Academic Institute are designed to help struggling teens transition into adulthood as healthy, independent individuals no longer held back by issues such as alcohol use. Instead, they will have a new direction and purpose in life. If your child is one who is struggling, contact the professionals at TWAI today.

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