Do Public Schools Make Things Worse for Troubled Teens?

Public schools have been proven to exacerbate pre-existing troubled teen issues, as well as lead to other issues manifesting as the school year progresses. Our therapeutic boarding school offers a strong academic focus, making it the optimal choice for troubled teens having issues in traditional school settings.

Extensive research has shown that teenagers throughout the country maintain feeling overwhelmed and even more stressed than the adults in their lives. In fact, a recent survey of 1,018 teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17, and 1,950 adults was conducted and found that many teens reported being overwhelmed or depressed as a result of their high stress levels. A staggering 83 percent of teens claimed their public school was the main source of their stress. Another 27% of teens reported “extreme stress” during the school year, a number that dropped to 13% during the summer break. A significant 10% felt that stress had a negative impact on their academics.

Do Public Schools Exacerbate Troubled Teen Issues?

School is supposed to be a safe environment that facilitates learning, healthy communication, and the forming of interpersonal relationships. It is supposed to education teens, as well as prepare them for real-world situations and the workforce. However, the issues created and exacerbated by public school are preventing these objectives from being reached.

Further recent studies have shown that schools with a high percentage of students from impoverished families sent fewer students to colleges in 2012 than those schools with a high percentage of students from higher-income families. Often, students from low-income families are more stressed out, feel doomed to fail, and are less motivated to reach the same standards as those who are privileged. This can lead to divisions in schools, resulting in teen social problems such as bullying and drug use.

Teens are already overwhelmed and highly stressed, and public school systems only exacerbate these issues. This is why therapeutic boarding schools with a strong academic focus are the smart choice for parents of stressed and troubled teens.

Turning Winds Academic Institute is internationally accredited, with students from all over the world. Parents trying to find help for troubled teen issues related to public school will find our therapeutic academic program to be a better environment for their teens. Our clinical staff uses a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies, each one undergirded with a humanistic, relationship-based approach.

Parents of teens who are concerned after seeing drastic changes in their child’s personality, behavior, and/or academic performance can Take Our Test to determine your child’s need for placement. They may have seen their child exhibiting self-destructive behaviors, and wonder what the best course of action is for seeking immediate help. Our intake counselors here at Turning Winds Academic Institute are available and committed to helping parents of struggling teens.

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