Choosing the Right Treatment Program for Your Teen

Seeking help for your teenager is a tough decision to make, but it’s the right one. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, even under the best circumstances. Teens’ brains go through huge changes, which can leave them volatile, vulnerable and fragile. For teens in crisis, treatment can make all the difference, giving them the tools they need for a fulfilling future.

Many different treatment programs are available, each with its own benefits and drawbacks. You’ll soon find that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution out there. The right treatment program is the one that can best support your teen and your family. Learning more about your options will empower you to make the best decision for your teen.  

Types of Treatment Programs

Some programs tailor to specific problems while others offer a comprehensive approach to a broad spectrum of issues that your teen may be experiencing. In either case, you’ll find that treatment programs pretty much fall into three broad categories: Outpatient, partial-hospitalization, and residential. 

  • Outpatient programs: These treatment options give your teen the freedom to live at home and sleep in his or her own bed while receiving treatment during the day. These programs vary in intensity, with a therapeutic schedule containing up to four hours of treatment. Outpatient programs are often recommended for teens who aren’t a danger to themselves or to their friends and family. 
  • Partial hospitalization: For teens who don’t need to live in a secure facility but need more intensive therapy than outpatient services provide, there are partial hospitalization treatment programs. Teens spend up to eight hours a day at the treatment facility. They’re able to return home to spend time in the evening with their family and to sleep at home.
  • Residential programs: Residential treatment programs provide a secure setting and full-time treatment. These programs are best for teens who need more intensive treatment, those who haven’t had success with outpatient programs, teens who might be a threat to people at home and those who’ve displayed dangerous behavior.

Elements of High-Quality Treatment Programs

Whether you’re looking for a program to treat mental health issues, behavioral issues or substance abuse, finding the right program with the right team of professionals is so important. Of course, you ideally want to choose a provider that’s a good match for your child’s needs and personality. 

Even more importantly, the ideal program will have a treatment philosophy that matches your values. Ask yourself these key questions: 

  • Is it a comprehensive program? The ideal program works on the physical, psychological and emotional well-being of your teen and your family as a whole. If you opt for a residential program, it should tend to your teen’s educational needs too.
  • Does it use a multi-disciplinary approach? There’s a lot that goes into a successful treatment plan, including taking personal responsibility, having the support of peers and family members, and a willingness to make a change. A program that tackles teen issues in a variety of ways can increase your teen’s odds of success.
  • Is it built around evidence-based practices? Regardless of whether you opt for outpatient or residential services, look for a program that follows a clinical treatment model that’s based on sound, evidence-based practices. This is a hallmark of programs that have the best odds of success because they’re grounded in professional expertise and research.

Partial-hospitalization, intense outpatient and residential – Turning Winds offers all three types of treatment programs. This specialized residential treatment center and therapeutic boarding school offers therapeutic programs that handle a broad spectrum of issues teens cope with, including substance abuse, mental health disorders, low self-worth, behavioral problems, and more.

Learn more by visiting the Turning Winds website. Or you can call us at (800) 845-1380 to talk to an experienced professional who can help you decide if our programs are a good match for your teen.


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John Baisden, Jr

John Baisden, Jr

John Baisden Jr is the father of seven inspiring children, and he is married to Kara, the love of his life. Together they have created a family-centered legacy by leading the way with early childhood educational advancement. John loves to write and is an author of a children’s book, An Unlikely Journey and plans to publish additional books. Show More

John is a visionary in his work and applies “outside-the-box” approaches to business practice and people development. He is the Founder of Turning Winds, along with several other organizations. He has extensive experience launching and developing organizations. His skills include strategic planning, promoting meaningful leader-member movement, organizational change, effective communication, project management, financial oversight and analysis, digital marketing and content creation, and implementing innovative ideas through influential leadership. As a leader, John seeks to empower others and brand success through collaborative work. His vision is to lead with courage, grit, truth, justice, humility, and integrity while emphasizing relational influence rather than focusing on the sheens of titles, positions, or things.

Finally, John is passionate about life and promoting equity among those who are often overlooked because of differences that frequently clash with the “norm.” He lives in Southern Idaho and loves the outdoors and the life lessons that can be learned in such an informal environment.

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