Children With ADHD Benefit From Following Healthy Behaviors

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is characterized by an excess of energy contributing to a lowered attention span which ends up directing a child’s activity in a whimsical manner restricting concentration. If that sounds like your average, run-of-the-mill youngster, you’re not alone. The fact is, ADHD has been commonly misdiagnosed since it was discovered. Often those who’ve been labeled ADHD by educational professionals or psychiatrists are really just the kind of kids who would have been called “rambunctious” in the world of yesteryear. While designating someone as ADHD may not be damaging to them, giving them medicines when they don’t need to be medicated can be.

Pharmaceutical Intervention Can Cause Undesired Behavior Increases

Oftentimes a physical and mental dependency follows such pharmaceutical intervention, and rather than decreasing the attention deficit characteristic of the disorder, the undesired behavior increases. The reason for this is tolerance. Drugs that are continuously used, lose the edge of their effect as the body and mind become tolerant to them, requiring increased dosage for decreased benefit, and making it impossible for someone to function the way they’d like to without the drugs.

Discipline is a better solution to Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Healthy behaviors that can become healthy habits are more likely to do ADHD-sufferers good. Consider, for example, the benefit of an early morning bout of aerobic exercise. Running three miles every morning will do a lot to sap excess energy. Oftentimes the best solution for kids with a surplus of energy restricting them from learning at the same rate as their peers is engaging, hands-on activity that requires large expenditures of effort. 

Physical Activity Can Do Wonders For Teens With ADHD

One group that has made this kind of therapy their primary means of treatment for ADHD is Turning Winds Academic Institute. Their means of treatment involves regular physical activity in one of the most mountainous, beautiful areas of the country: northwest Montana. Nestled between sloping crags and primordial forests on 150 acres, this boarding school keeps kids busy with exciting outdoor adventure. Turning Winds has a time tested program that has been getting exceptional results for well over a decade.

When you can keep your hyperactive, distracted child busy, they are able to focus in a natural way not dependent on artificial mental enhancers. Finally, this ends up being less expensive in the long run and more healthy. Pharmaceutical solutions may be appropriate in some situations, but there are always health risks that don’t come from natural treatment options.

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