Empowering Self-Reliance: How Turning Winds Teaches Kids to Tackle Their Challenges

Turning Winds Innovative Approach to Family Healing At Turning Winds, we understand life’s challenges can be overwhelming for both the child and the parent. That is why we developed a unique program that empowers self-reliance and resilience in the kids in our care. Today, we will discuss how we help teens overcome obstacles and rebuild […]

Celebrating Gratitude For Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving at Turning Winds, Teenagers enjoying a cozy Thanksgiving meal by a stone fireplace, with a relaxed and joyful holiday atmosphere. Turning Winds, residential treatment center for teens struggling with mental health or behavioral issues.

At Turning Winds, our teenage clients typically stay many months in the program—frequently an entire year. “It can be long enough to really help young people,” says John Gordon, MD, Turning Winds’ medical director. “A lot of the kids here have been in other programs before that either were not long enough, or there was […]

Family Bonds: Healing Together at Turning Winds

Gathering spot for teens attending the adolescent treatment program for mental health and addiction.

Families come first at Turning Winds. Our treatment approach focuses on increasing the healthy independence of adolescents in our care while promoting and strengthening the family bonds, ensuring a harmonious and successful reintegration post-treatment. Family connection is one of the 12 character virtues taught in our program: students develop a greater appreciation for the strengths […]

Teen Rehab: A Parent Guide to Effective Support and Recovery

Supporting Your Teen Through Rehab - A mother and teenage daughter embracing on a beach at dusk, symbolizing support and care during teen rehab and substance abuse recovery.

Guiding Your Teen Through Rehab: A Parental Support Handbook This quote rings especially true for parents with a teenage child undergoing alcohol or drug rehabilitation. The emotions you feel as a parent are deeply intertwined with your child’s experiences and actions. “The road to recovery is a bumpy path with lots of twists and turns, […]

Healing Teens, Forging Lifelong Relationships and Building Futures

Tranquil lake reflecting dense forest in teen residential treatment retreat setting at Turning Winds

Welcome to Turning Winds: Where Every Teen Is Family At Turning Winds, a premier residential treatment center for teens, you’re more than just a client. The Turning Winds model of care, renowned for its effective therapeutic support, emulates a functional family system integral to our teen residential treatment program. Since its founding, the idea of […]

Preparing for Panama: Teen Leadership and Adventure Therapy

Scenic view of Panama's lush landscape and skyline

Empowering Teenagers through Global Service Turning Winds organizes international service trips abroad for our teen clients twice a year: this November, the destination is Panama. The excursions offer a unique blend of travel, cultural immersion, leadership training, and adventure therapy.  Additionally, these international trips provide invaluable opportunities for personal growth. These trips have become a big part […]

Halloween Fun is Part of Teen Therapy

Teen and Turning Wind Director in a playful Halloween costume exemplifying the use of fun activities in teen therapy and treatment. Celebrating Holidays in Treatment

Celebrating Holidays in Teen Treatment: A Turning Winds Approach Being in treatment doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the holiday fun. At Turning Winds, teenage clients typically stay many months, often a whole year. That means they may not be home for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, or Christmas. Or for Halloween!  “In the summer, […]

Choosing the Right Treatment Program for Your Teen

Seeking help for your teenager is a tough decision to make, but it’s the right one. Adolescence is a tumultuous time, even under the best circumstances. Teens’ brains go through huge changes, which can leave them volatile, vulnerable and fragile. For teens in crisis, treatment can make all the difference, giving them the tools they […]

Activities Aid in Treatment

Many years ago while watching a Broadway play at the Spokane Civic Center with a group of our students, a profound comment was made by one of them that has had a lasting impact on the importance of engaging in meaningful activities, he said, “ I was having so much fun that I forgot for […]