The Benefits of a Multi-Therapeutic Approach to Teen Mental Health

The Turning Winds model of care is centered around therapeutic support in a setting that resembles the family environment clients will return to. Healthy behaviors are practiced and reinforced in a safe environment. Our clinical services combine the best elements of care from wilderness therapy, therapeutic boarding schools, and inpatient treatment to create a one-of-a-kind […]

The Science of Gratitude: A Pathway to Teen Healing & Happiness

Adolescent Teen Therapy Session for Mental Health - Impact of Gratitude

“Gratitude really is good for you,” assured health and wellness reporter Christina Caron readers of The New York Times last year. “Giving, receiving and even witnessing gratitude can improve your well-being, especially during difficult times.” Two decades ago, psychologist Robert A. Emmons explored the benefits of gratitude in a landmark scientific study. “Dr. Emmons’s findings—which […]

Reading as Teen Therapy: The Power of a Good Book

Teen reads in bed as therapy

“I believe that reading and writing are the most nourishing forms of meditation anyone has so far found,” wrote the American novelist Kurt Vonnegut Jr. in his autobiographical collage Palm Sunday. “By reading the writings of the most interesting minds in history, we meditate with our own minds and theirs as well. This, to me, […]

Don’t Delay When Your Teen Needs Treatment

Sending your child to a residential treatment program is not an easy decision for parents to make—at any time of the year. “It’s not a call any family wants to make,” says Turning Winds admissions director Eric Loesch. “In most cases, they have explored what seemed less drastic steps or lower levels of care, such […]

Turning Winds: A Different and Better Approach to Teen Mental Health

Changing Your Life at Turning Winds As a teenager, Kendrick was struggling with serious mental health issues. He wasn’t stable enough to stay at home and his psychiatrist recommended a long-term facility. After briefly receiving treatment at a facility in Florida, Kendrick came to Turning Winds. We offer a full continuum of care for teens […]

Comprehensive Care for Mental Health & Substance Use

Teens at Turning Winds laughing and speaking with a counselor in a beautiful setting. Turning Winds offer Comprehensive Care for Mental Health and Substance Use

“Every day brings more evidence that our nation’s youth are facing a mental health crisis: rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among young people are on the rise, and so are adolescent deaths from drug poisoning,” warned Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and the Director of National Drug Control Policy Rahul Gupta in July in […]

Teen Rehab: A Parent Guide to Effective Support and Recovery

Supporting Your Teen Through Rehab - A mother and teenage daughter embracing on a beach at dusk, symbolizing support and care during teen rehab and substance abuse recovery.

Guiding Your Teen Through Rehab: A Parental Support Handbook This quote rings especially true for parents with a teenage child undergoing alcohol or drug rehabilitation. The emotions you feel as a parent are deeply intertwined with your child’s experiences and actions. “The road to recovery is a bumpy path with lots of twists and turns, […]

Three Main Responsibilities in Treatment

Adolescent Teen Therapy Session for Mental Health - Impact of Gratitude

Turning Winds is much more than a therapeutic program—we are a vibrant community. We celebrate every milestone our teenage clients achieve, from the smallest vulnerable conversations to the most significant victories. Parents are integral members of our process, and we encourage their active involvement in their children’s journey. We take immense pride in the enduring […]

Effecting Positive Change in Treatment

Turning Winds helps young people learn how to correctly perceive and purposefully engage with the world around them. The program’s holistic approach, relational focus, and emphasis on achieving authentic openness make Turning Winds especially effective at facilitating positive outcomes and long-term change. “The simple, singular focus of our treatment program is to help each student […]

Treatment as a Change in the Family System

Families come first at Turning Winds. Two of our treatment goals are increasing the healthy autonomy of our students while promoting better integration into their families and assisting their return to live successfully within their family system after completing the program. Family connection is one of the 12 character virtues taught in our program: students […]