Unplug and Heal at Turning Winds

According to a new survey from the Pew Research Center published in March, nearly three-quarters of American teenagers say they feel happy or peaceful when they don’t have their phones with them. At the same time, the Pew researchers found that despite the well-known negative associations with smartphones, most teens are not limiting their phone […]

How Turning Winds Builds Up Teen Resilience

Slogan to promote teen resilience

At Turning Winds, we understand life’s challenges can be overwhelming for both the children and their parents. That is why we developed an outstanding program that empowers self-reliance and resilience in the kids in our care. We help teenagers overcome obstacles and rebuild their connection with their parents and emphasize the crucial role family members […]

Find Essential Parenting Support for Teen Recovery at Turning Winds

Substance misuse and disruptive behavior inflict harm on the individual and create a ripple effect of emotional turmoil throughout the family. During these stressful and challenging times, family engagement plays a vital role in the healing and recovery of teenagers with substance use and mental health issues. When faced with these emotional or behavioral challenges, […]

Teen Defiance & Depression? Find Help at Turning Winds

Does your teen battle with defiance, depression, anger or other emotional issues, or risky behavior? Our individualized treatment program provides a safe, structured path to lasting self-improvement and family healing. At Turning Winds, we understand that each person’s journey is different. We designed a robust program that supports our teenage clients through critical milestones, helping […]

Help Your Teen Break Free from Social Media & Build a Happier Future

Two teens engaging in healthy social activities.

Today’s teenagers live in a world saturated with technology, a world unknown to their parents when they were that age. Smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other electronic devices are everywhere and hard to avoid. The pervasive nature of social media and technology overuse use seems unavoidable, but for many young Americans, social media platforms have had […]

Teen Disruptive Behavior: 4 Months to Transformation at Turning Winds

Eighteen-year-old Ben grew up in a military family. His father Greg served in the US Army for 29 years, leading the family to move frequently. Ben’s early years in Texas were marked by teen disruptive behavior and cocky attitude,” according to his mother Laura. “He wasn’t really violent, just very obnoxious.” Overcoming Teen Disruptive Behavior […]

Why Sleep Is Critical For Teenage Health 

Bedroom of a teen mental health treatment program where teens get better sleep.

“Over 75 percent of US high school students do not get the sleep they need. So, why does it matter that teens are sleep-deprived? What’s the big deal about getting enough sleep?” asked Rutgers psychology professor Jessica Leigh Hamilton recently on Psychology Today. Dr. Hamilton listed three main reasons in the article Sleep is critical […]

Teens Bridge Cultures: Transformative Service Trips in Belize with Turning Winds

Ready to give your struggling teen a life changing experience? Turning Winds organizes international teen service trips abroad for our teen clients twice a year.  These International service trip foster leadership, empathy and a global perspective.  After a transformative experience in Morocco last spring, Turning Winds set out on an impactful journey to Belize for […]

Turning Winds: A Different and Better Approach to Teen Mental Health

Changing Your Life at Turning Winds As a teenager, Kendrick was struggling with serious mental health issues. He wasn’t stable enough to stay at home and his psychiatrist recommended a long-term facility. After briefly receiving treatment at a facility in Florida, Kendrick came to Turning Winds. We offer a full continuum of care for teens […]

Comprehensive Care for Mental Health & Substance Use

Teens at Turning Winds laughing and speaking with a counselor in a beautiful setting. Turning Winds offer Comprehensive Care for Mental Health and Substance Use

“Every day brings more evidence that our nation’s youth are facing a mental health crisis: rates of depression, anxiety, and suicidal thoughts among young people are on the rise, and so are adolescent deaths from drug poisoning,” warned Surgeon General Vivek Murthy and the Director of National Drug Control Policy Rahul Gupta in July in […]