Families Come First!

Addiction is a family disease, making it also a disease of relationships. Family engagement plays a vital role in recovery for the addicted individual and the entire family system.  Families are often in turmoil—especially if the addicted loved one is a teenage child. They are urgently trying to figure out what to do to help […]

Parent’s Guide to Teen Depression 

Parenting is hard work. Although you may have barely survived your child’s toddlerhood or middle-school angst, the teen years are a new experience altogether. As a teenager, your child might be perfectly good-natured one day and moody, rebellious, or self-centered the next.  With the teen years bringing increased societal pressures and changing hormones, these behaviors […]

Teen Drug and Alcohol Facts

Teens know a lot about drugs and alcohol. They may even know more than their parents, mostly because of social media. We’ve gathered pertinent facts that parents need to know about how teens use drugs and alcohol. There’s some good and bad news buried within these facts. For example, the use of alcohol may be […]

The Transtheoretical Model of Change

Change is possible, even for a troubled teen. There’s a reason you should never give up hope as a parent or caregiver of a challenging child; a well-studied set of human behaviors called the Transtheoretical Model of Change (sometimes called Stages of Change Model).  The model shows that a person does not immediately change negative […]

Common Parenting Mistakes

Google the word “parenting” and you’ll find over 335 million hits. You could spend a lifetime and never finish reading all the websites and books, attending all the classes, and viewing all the videos that give you advice on how to parent a child. Maybe it’s enough to know the top four common mistakes most […]

Advice for Parents in Dealing With a Troubled Teen

Parents are usually told not to worry about unruly teens because the behavior is probably due to changing hormones. That may be true for some teens, but for others, hormones are just the tip of the iceberg. When you’re dealing with a troubled teen, it’s important to dig deeper to discover or rule out any […]

5 Tips to Helping Your Troubled Teen

Even under the best circumstances, the teenage years are tough for parents and teens alike. The rapid changes to their bodies and brains make it difficult for teens to practice self-control, making them more likely to engage in risky behavior. Testing their boundaries and exploring the world around them leaves teens vulnerable to all kinds […]

Blended Family Problems: Knowing How to Persevere

“When I look back at the pictures of our blended family the day Vince and I married, he and I are smiling, and all the children are frowning.” – Amy Grant In the 21st century, a “blended” family is a common situation. The struggles and culture of two different families living under one roof; attempting […]

How To Recognize And Overcome Your Tech Addiction

If you work in an office eight hours a day, on a computer, are you tech-addicted? If you are a teenager doing research for a school project, has technology snared you enough that the real world is gone? But what if you go to work, then come home and spend another four hours on the […]

Compulsive Texting – An Epidemic Addiction With Teens?

  Smart phone addiction and compulsive texting have rapidly grown into true, clinically-defined problems for teens – and the consequences span a wider spectrum than most parents realize. In study after study, researchers continue to report astounding numbers when it comes to the sheer volume of texts adolescents’ burn through each month, and the consequences […]