Blended Family Problems: Knowing How to Persevere

“When I look back at the pictures of our blended family the day Vince and I married, he and I are smiling, and all the children are frowning.” – Amy Grant In the 21st century, a “blended” family is a common situation. The struggles and culture of two different families living under one roof; attempting […]

How To Recognize And Overcome Your Tech Addiction

If you work in an office eight hours a day, on a computer, are you tech-addicted? If you are a teenager doing research for a school project, has technology snared you enough that the real world is gone? But what if you go to work, then come home and spend another four hours on the […]

Compulsive Texting – An Epidemic Addiction With Teens?

  Smart phone addiction and compulsive texting have rapidly grown into true, clinically-defined problems for teens – and the consequences span a wider spectrum than most parents realize. In study after study, researchers continue to report astounding numbers when it comes to the sheer volume of texts adolescents’ burn through each month, and the consequences […]

What Signs Should Parents Look For When They Suspect Their Teen Is Being Bullied?

  Many bullied teens silently struggle as they are inflicted with physical, mental, and emotional abuse by their peers. Each day, approximately 160,000 kids skip school because they are afraid of bullies. [1] Teen suicides primarily occur because of the mental and emotional devastation adolescents feel when they are being bullied. Often, teens feel hopeless […]

Children With ADHD Benefit From Following Healthy Behaviors

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, is characterized by an excess of energy contributing to a lowered attention span which ends up directing a child’s activity in a whimsical manner restricting concentration. If that sounds like your average, run-of-the-mill youngster, you’re not alone. The fact is, ADHD has been commonly misdiagnosed since it was discovered. […]

Wendy Williams Talks Substance Abuse And Her Son

Talk show host Wendy Williams opens her show with blunt discussion on substance abuse You already know her for “Hot Topics”, but now popular talk show host Wendy Williams is discussing a new topic that is close to her and her family. Last Monday, the host revealed to her studio audience that her young 14-year-old […]

Substance Abuse Treatment – How To Choose The Program For Your Daughter

There are many substance abuse treatment programs available to help your daughter deal with her substance abuse.  Many of these programs offer the same benefits and advantages and are probably the types of programs that you are most familiar with.  If you feel like something more specialized would be of greater benefit to your child, […]

How Drug Addiction Is Affecting Entire Families

It’s notable that addictions treatment isn’t just for the individual consumed by a substance. It’s also for the family that has to deal with that individual. The oldest teenager of a family playing home to other siblings will be an influence on younger brothers and sisters. Whether or not the addicted individual realizes this, or acts responsibly, their choices are […]

Shame, Shame, Go Away My Child Has A Disease, An Addiction

Our children’s substance abuse creates such isolation for beloved addicts and parents alike.  It feels like others cannot possibly relate to our struggles as parents of addicts unless they, too, have been hunkered down in the trenches of fear, anger and shame. But I have great hope that as we spread the word about addiction […]

Teach Teens How To Combat Stress Using Social Media

Coping with stress in healthy ways is an increasingly critical life skill, and according to a recent (’12) Placer County teen survey, 88 percent of ninth and eleventh graders said they felt stressed, and 54 percent said they were always stressed. Christina Ivazes, the new Director/Coordinator of CPY, explains that substance abuse prevention for youth […]