Why Co-occurring Disorders Are Common 

The presence of two or more disorders can complicate any diagnosis and subsequent treatment. Integrating both screening and treatment for mental health and substance use disorders leads to a better quality of care and more positive outcomes for those living with co-occurring disorders by treating the whole person. Patients who present with symptoms of a […]

Wendy Williams Talks Substance Abuse And Her Son

Talk show host Wendy Williams opens her show with blunt discussion on substance abuse You already know her for “Hot Topics”, but now popular talk show host Wendy Williams is discussing a new topic that is close to her and her family. Last Monday, the host revealed to her studio audience that her young 14-year-old […]

Understanding Your Daughter’s Erratic Behavior And Why Therapy Is Needed

Your daughter’s erratic behavior and poor academic performance may be due to peer pressure, lack of self-confidence, depression or experimenting with harmful drugs. She may not want to communicate with you yet she desperately needs your help. She does not know how to ask for or accept it. The catalyst that set her off can […]

Choice That Changed The Lives Of This Family

Sometimes you come to a crossroads when a decision can affect the rest of your life. Beth’s family faced such a moment in February 2011, when she and her husband decided to send their son, Alan, to a therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens: Turning Winds Academic Institute in Montana. By then, Alan was a […]

Medication For Sensory Stress Relief For Teens With Autism Spectrum

Autism often comes with sensitivity to sound, light, music, or emotion. Some suffer so much they have huge difficulties assimilating into society. This isn’t the case with all who have an autism spectrum disorder, however, and there is hope. As the condition is becoming more understood, new methods of treatment are quickly becoming regular. Something […]

A Girls Therapeutic Boarding School – Is It Right For Your Child?

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Until They Don’t. Girls have a reputation for being more difficult to raise than boys–past a certain age. It’s not entirely their fault, though. Part of it has to do with puberty and the hormones involved, and part of it has to do with society. The “cool” kid […]

What Is Addiction?

With all of the pressures teens face while heading towards adulthood, it is no wonder they sometimes fall prey to addictions. These addictions can range from behavior quirks to actual drugs and alcohol and can limit their ability to live life to the fullest. As a parent, it can be exacerbating attempting to find common […]

Teen Suicide Numbers Are Staggering And How A Parent Can Intervene

Contributing Factors Teen suicide should not be taking place like it is, but there a number of social influences which definitely contribute. From false expectations to sexuality approached from within the adolescent transition, to substance abuse, social engineering, and economic difficulty, the teen of modernity has a lot pushing them toward extreme behavior. For every outpouring […]

Slow Emotional Growth And Development In Teens Causing Poor School Performance

There are eight stages of emotional growth. With so many different stages, there is a chance that something can happen at any one of these stages that can cause an individual’s emotional growth to slow down, or even stop. This can cause many problems because it is emotional growth that allows us to deal appropriately […]

How One Act Of Kindness Saved The Life Of A Suicidal Teenager

Depressed Teen Plans To Take Her Own Life When A Barista Writes A Note On Her Starbucks Cup When was the last time you did something out of the ordinary in order to brighten someone’s day? If you can’t remember, don’t feel bad. As humans, we sometimes undervalue the concept of paying it forward. In […]