Bullied Teens At Risk For Later Depression

A teen who’s been bullied must already deal with its short-term imact – from loss of self-esteem and confidence, to shame, to embarrassment and a sense of isolation. But research continues to prove that bullying has long-term effects, too.

Bullying Can Cause Deep Depression In The Victims

In a recent study, bullied teens were shown to be twice as likely to be clinically depressed by age 18 than those who weren’t bullied. The study involved nearly 4,000 teens in the United Kingdom, of which nearly 700 said that they had been bullied at least once a week at age 13. Of that group, nearly 15 percent reported being depressed at age 18. That’s over double the number of those reporting depression who hadn’t been bullied.

The study showed that the bullied teens tended to stay depressed longer, including 10 percent who remained depressed for over two years. That was again twice as much as those in the non-bullied group. While researchers said their study can’t prove a direct cause-and-effect relationship between bullying and teen depression, they believe that evidence proves that a legitimate link exists.

Name-calling was cited as being the most common bullying tactic, with over one-third of bullied teens saying they’d experienced that behavior. A smaller number reported having their belongings stolen, while 10 percent said they were hit or beaten up. The majority never told a teacher, while almost half never said anything to a parent.

Bullying Has Become Nearly Epidemic In Our Society 

Researchers also said that if bullying is definitively proven to cause depression, then it would account for 30 percent of those who reported depression by age 18. 

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