Behavior Modification and Residential Treatment For At-Risk Teens In Kentucky

Behavior Modification and Residential Treatment For At-Risk Teens In Kentucky

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Turning Winds is a superior Therapeutic Boarding School directing struggling teenage boys and girls from Kentucky who are wrestling with pain medication abuse/addiction, family difficulties, or narcissistic behavior. In our inspirational setting, teenage boys and girls receive the quality and caring therapy and treatment they need to make lasting changes in their life, and rediscover the person they truly are inside their heart.

Behavior Modification seeks to change unwanted poor academics into a more desirable lifestyle through operant conditioning. The therapeutic programs that rely on this method of therapy treat troubled teenage boys and girls who are suffering from a variety of mental and behavioral obstacles such as ADHD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and generalized anxiety. While some success has been achieved through this method of treatment, changes in behavior are sometimes short-lived, leaving parents with the burden of investigating other methods of care.

The Early Behavior Modification Results Inspired Us to Clinically Innovate

Turning Winds is committed to forging lasting transformations in the lives of adolescent boys and girls through a blend of educational experiences that we meticulously curate each day. Be it embarking on a hiking adventure, diving into classroom learning, or navigating therapeutic sessions, we ensure that every student is given the chance to explore innovative ways to overcome ingrained behaviors.

Our dedicated staff maintains a 5:1 student ratio, demonstrating our commitment to providing each student with the undivided attention needed to address their unique mental health needs. Our team collaboratively designs an individualized treatment plan for every student, fostering the development of essential life skills to navigate the complexities of life.

We strongly emphasize character development, recognizing its fundamental role in equipping young individuals with the fortitude to face and triumph over daily life pressures.

At Turning Winds, we guide teens not just towards better decisions, but also towards a better understanding of themselves and their potential. Our students enjoy the benefits of both individual and group counseling, and educational outdoor experiences, daily opportunities that reinforce their determination to embrace positive change.

Our standout academic program ensures that troubled teens from Kentucky and beyond don’t have to choose between continuing their education and seeking therapy. Our all-encompassing program offers both facets within the same nurturing environment, thus facilitating a comprehensive approach towards their personal and academic growth. At Turning Winds, we help shape not just better students, but better individuals, ready for the world ahead.

The foundations of Behavior Modification therapy are based on the work carried out by BF Skinner. He believed human behaviors could be changed through operant conditioning which was carried out through positive and negative reinforcement. At Turning Winds, we strive to help struggling teenagers come to the realization they alone must be responsible for their narcissistic behavior and the course their life takes.

We have found no reward system can assist the true change that wilderness therapy and residential treatment can. In the beauty of the great outdoors, our students learn more about themselves and the world around them. Through each moment of the day, they are grasping the skills they will need to live a sober life once they graduate from Turning Winds.

For Lasting Change In Teenage Boys And Girls – Structure Is Your Best Friend

For true changes to occur, a system of positive and negative reinforcement must be put in place. Adolescents who have a dual diagnosis do not always respond to these methods of treatment. Unfortunately, some teenage boys and girls simply make changes during the conditioning aspect of therapy and are unable to learn the skills they need to experience true change.

Is Behavior Modification Therapy In Kentucky A Viable Alternative For At-Risk Teenage Boys And Girls?

Teen with therapist in an individual session.

Turning Winds is devoted to helping teenage boys and girls make lasting changes through the educational experiences they participate in on a daily basis. Whether hiking, in class, or in therapy, students are given the opportunity to explore new methods of dealing with old behaviors.

Our staff provides a 5:1 student ratio so each of our students receives the full attention that is needed to address the individual mental health constraints they are suffering from. Through our staff, an individualized treatment plan is put in place so each student learns the skills they need to handle life’s challenges. We place a strong focus on character development which is crucial for the ability to face and overcome the life pressures young people deal with on a day to day basis.

With a focused emphasis on guiding teens towards making better life decisions, students at Turning Winds benefit from individual and group counseling, along with daily educational outdoor experiences that strengthen their fortitude to remain vigilant in their quest to change. Through our stellar academic program, troubled teens from Kentucky are not forced to decide between continuing their education and pursuing therapy because they can receive both in our all-inclusive program.

National Resource For Parents Of At-Risk Adolescents From Kentucky

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): National Alliance on Mental Illness is the nation’s largest and most comprehensive grassroots mental health community. It is devoted to building healthier lives for Kentucky residents, and the millions of Americans affected by mental illness. A mental illness is a mental health condition that impacts an individual’s thought processes, emotions, and self-harming behavior. It may also affect the person’s ability to relate to others, as well as function on a daily basis. NAMI strives to shape the national public policy landscape for at-risk teenage boys and girls, young adults, and families in Kentucky; affected by mental illness. NAMI also gives grassroots volunteer leaders with the tools, resources, and skills necessary to protect the mental health of individuals in Kentucky, and all over the nation.

Kentucky State Resources For Parents Of At-Risk Youth

National Alliance on Mental Illness Kentucky (NAMI): NAMI Kentucky is a mental health organization that provides Kentuckians with information regarding treatment options for those in need of psychiatric care. NAMI Kentucky is in association with the National Alliance on Mental Illness, which is a national, non-profit mental health organization. With its association to NAMI, NAMI Kentucky has a plentiful and comprehensive assortment of mental health resources for those who are in need of effective, affordable and immediate psychiatric care.

NAMI has provided the nation with mental health resources since 1979. As of today, NAMI is a huge organization, which now includes 1200 affiliate chapters located in all 50 states. NAMI Kentucky is one these resourceful affiliates, which represents 1300 members within its 20 state chapters.

Turning Winds is the first choice for Kentucky parents investigating a superior academic institute to offer assistance to their struggling child experiencing pain medication abuse/addiction, poor academics, or sleep disorder. Because working with highly resistant teenage boys and girls is challenging, most programs rely on level systems, punishments, and other behavioral techniques to manage a student’s behavior. Here at Turning Winds, we recognize that the circumstances of one at-risk child doesn’t always apply to all of our students. Because of this, Turning Winds is devoted to the management of each teenager’s needs, and we do this with professionalism and care.

It’s our absolute respect for every student (and family) that we work with that sets our academic institute apart from the others. Turning Winds’s therapists acknowledge and appreciate the common issues that adolescent boys and girls from Kentucky are faced with every day. With decades of collective experience in the residential treatment center industry, our therapists can quickly identify and help alcohol abuse/overuse issues, challenges related to self-harming behavior, and the causes for narcissistic behavior.

Because of our superior a variety of therapeutic intervention strategies (CBT, DBT, behavioral therapy) and outdoor recreation and adventure therapy, struggling adolescent boys and girls can grow to be healthy adults, and Turning Winds’s students can emerge as strong people who are motivated to succeed. Turning Winds recognizes that the entire family needs the support that our expert therapists offer; so that your child can be rehabilitated and whole. Turning Winds’ intake counselors can be reached immediately at 800-845-1380.

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