A person’s attitude is how they feel or behave towards the environment and factors of the environment that surround them. An individual’s attitude is the general outlook and true feelings, feelings that may be negative or positive, depending on the specific entity or factor that is in question. Additionally, a person’s attitude will have a direct effect on their behavior towards any situation they engage in every day.

For example, a person can choose to have a positive or negative attitude when dealing with life’s obstacles, and adversities. Contrariwise, an individual can also choose to have a negative attitude when facing hard-to-deal-with situations.

When a person displays a positive attitude towards adversity, that person is more likely to rise to the occasion and overcome whatever difficult circumstances they may have been facing. However, if a person displays a negative attitude during times of duress, that individual is most likely to fail in overcoming their adversity, thus creating even more negative consequence for themselves.


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