Teens And Anxiety

Let’s face it, dealing with anxiety is just part of being a teenager. However, anxiety can become more than just an inherent stress of being a teenager; it can become an emotionally crippling disorder. 

Teenage girls who suffer from anxiety disorder have great difficulty to function in their everyday lives. What’s more, their fear of situations, both identifiable and unknown, overpowers their ability to focus on other thoughts and causes clear physical symptoms.

Anxiety in teenage girls can present itself in various forms. While teenage anxiety disorders range in severity and symptoms, they are all significant and can destroy the lives of those who are affected. 

Common Types Of Anxiety That Affect Teenage Girls Include:

  • Generalized Anxiety – frequently experienced along with depression
  • Acute Anxiety – presents itself prior to a stressful event
  • Anticipatory Anxiety – features the same physical symptoms as acute anxiety yet is focused upon an expected negative result and often includes panic attacks
  • Social Anxiety- the result of imagined embarrassment in front of or negative reaction from one’s peers

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Signs Your Teen May Have an Anxiety Disorder While it’s true that it is normal for teens to feel anxiety on occasion, suffering from a constant feeling of gg is a serious condition that affect millions teenagers, nationwide. 

When you’re a teenage girl, Experiencing anxiety from time to time is normal. And, so are those feelings of apprehension and unsureness that come along with said anxiety. 

However, it is when those feelings of apprehension, panic, and over worrying become emotionally crippling that anxiety becomes an issue.  Furthermore, it is when a teenage girl reaches this state of emotional exhaustion that it is time for parents to seek therapeutic treatment for her anxiety disorder. 

Parent FAQ’s 

Parents often ask, “where does anxiety come from?” While we wish there was an easy answer to give these parents, there really is no definitive reason we can provide. The truth of the matter is that clinical anxiety can affect a child at any point during adolescence, and for a variety of different reasons. 

While some people are genetically predisposed to develop anxiety disorders, there is no definitive indication of a genetic cause. However, childhood trauma has been found to correlate to having an anxiety disorder later in life.

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Worrying, Anxiety, and Overthinking  Is your teenage daughter afflicted by severe anxiousness? Does she constantly worry about the future and feel uncertain about how her life will play out?

Recognizing The Signs Of Anxiety

Since every teen experiences some form of anxiety, it is often difficult to diagnose an anxiety disorder in teenage girls. Parents often ask

Parents of teenage girls often ask themselves, ” is my daughter stressed from being a teenage girl, or is her anxiety so severe that she requires therapy from a specialist?” While these two situations may be difficult to separate, they are also crucial to effectively distinct from one another.

The easiest way to identify an anxiety disorder? Pay attention to your daughter’s behavior:  there are some things to look out for. 

Teenage Girls Who Suffer From An Anxiety Disorder May Appear To Be:

  • Withdrawn – Girls who suffer from anxiety disorder may opt isolate from those whom they feel they do not fit in.
  • Depressed – Untreated or undiagnosed anxiety will almost always lead to further psychological disorders – especially depression
  • Eating less – When a teenage girl suffers from anxiety it is not uncommon for her to have an almost non-existent appetite.

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Teenage Anxiety Disorder

Let’s face it, dealing with anxiety is just part of being a teenager. However, anxiety can become more than just an inherent stress of being a teenager; it can become an emotionally crippling disorder. 

Teenage Girls Who Suffer From An Anxiety Display The Following Self-Destructive Behaviors:

  • Self – harm – Overly Anxious teens often hurt themselves by cutting or by some other means of self-harm.
  • Acting impulsively – Anxiety disorder may cause a teenage girl to appear overly outgoing, or strangely sociable in comparison to her normal behavior.
  • Abusing drugs/harmful substances – Sadly enough, teenage girls often turn to drugs or alcohol as a means to cope with intense emotions, like anxiety.

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Treatment For Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a very severe issue that demands genuine treatment. Without effective therapeutic treatment, an anxiety disorder can lead to self-sabotaging behaviors – most of which can result in life-altering, negative consequences. 

If your daughter suffers from an anxiety disorder, it is crucial to find the most effective treatment that can help her overcome her emotional distress. While there are many forms of treatment to choose from, the most proven type of treatment remains to be that of residential treatment for troubled teens, otherwise known as therapeutic boarding schools for troubled teens. Having said that, Turning Winds is the perfect fit for anxious, struggling teenage daughter.

What Makes Turning Winds The Best Choice For Your Overly Anxious Daughter?

Turning Winds is a residential treatment center for troubled, or emotionally suffering teenage girls who are in need of therapeutic, behavioral treatment. At Turning Winds, you’ll find the benefits of a wilderness program, a therapeutic boarding school, and a residential treatment center (RTC), all in one safe, beautiful, and peaceful location. Our clinical, educational, and operations staff are among the best in the country and share a passion for helping anxious-ridden teenage girls who are in crisis.

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