Alumni Reunion

Our commitment to excellence to the young men and women that we have served, extends far beyond commencement and graduation from our therapeutic school.  We are continually inspired by the stories from past students that have been conveyed to us through the means of social media, letters, emails and phone calls of their journey’s beyond our campus.  We are so proud of each one of you!

Recently, we held an Alumni Dinner-Reunion in the Southern California area.  It was remarkable to listen to each one of the young adults share stories and memories of their former days of attending our school.  We had alumni in attendance that spanned nearly ten years removed.  There was one particular young lady who had traveled with her family, baby included, all the way from the San Francisco Bay area.  It was also remarkable to learn of how many alumni wanted to participate but due to distance and conflicting schedules they were unable to attend on such short notice.

One young woman stated, “I just wanted to say thank you for inviting me tonight for such an awesome dinner and getting together some of TW’s old students. It was really nice meeting new people and catching up with the girls from my group. I’ve definitely missed you and everyone else. I think it’s time for me to start visiting TW and the Baisden family again! 
So let’s keep in touch and keep me posted on the big reunion!! And hey, I don’t think I’ve said this enough but once again, you saved my life and I just wanted to thank you again. You and your family mean the world to me and my family.  Hope you have a fun and safe rest of your trip in Cali! Enjoy the warm weather!:)”

Another alumni mentioned, “Thanks for dinner. It’s so nice to see how you have continued to positively affect lives, the way you affected mine. It reenergized my own calling of helping others. Thank you for saving my life.”

The kind words spoken and written by the alumni in attendance were priceless!  This is why we do what we do – to inspire the hearts and minds of young men and women.   Together, we can continue to make a difference in this world.  Please join us as we continue to host alumni reunions across the country.  For more information on these reunions, please call us at:  800-845-1380


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