Alcohol Recovery For Girls

Alcohol builds a physical dependency in the user over time. While most teenage girls between the ages of thirteen and eighteen simply cannot acquire enough alcohol during this period to build up such a dependency (though it’s certainly not impossible), even more damaging are the effects alcohol has on the minds and bodies of developing teenage girls. Brain activity can be stunted, as can psychological development. The personality of one whose happiness derives from substance abuse is a personality uninformed by healthy development. 

Substance Abuse Treatment Isn’t Only For Those Who Are Addicted

Even if your daughter isn’t steeped in teenage alcoholism, she may be establishing patterns of activity that could very well lead to the condition in later life. Substance abuse treatment isn’t only for those who have already established a regular pattern of over-indulgence.

A small seed makes a great tree. If the tree is a good one, allow it to grow. But if it is a weed, allowing it to grow could choke out other plants in the garden. It’s best to catch that negative interloper immediately and rescind it. Substance abuse treatment can act as the gardening utensil that unearths the weed of substance abuse and allows things like healthy personality development and physical growth to flourish.  

Alcohol recovery for girls can be a challenge, especially during the teenage years. As young people develop, they naturally test the limitations of their surroundings. You did it when you were a teenager. Everyone did. It’s part of healthy development. Unfortunately, modern culture has a distinct emphasis on substance abuse and physical satiation as a means of continuing happiness. The reality is, alcohol use leads to alcoholism, and sexuality goes kaput in the twilight years.

Teens May Look To Alcohol Use As A Social Statement

Neither of these pursuits will yield fulfillment, but from the music she listens to to the movies she watches, your daughter is being fed a steady stream of lies that say otherwise. Her friends at school buy into them, and she’s just a teenage kid without the life experience to know better. She may look at her alcohol use as a social statement of moral individuality.

Sometimes finding the right substance abuse treatment in such scenarios requires one-on-one therapy. That’s why Turning Winds Academic Institute offers not only academic emphasis, but one on one therapy options rooted in natural treatments. A hike through the wilderness with a group breeds sociability and imparts perspective yielding joy unrelated to substances. This kind of therapy is proven.

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