Adventure Therapy: A Life Changing Educational Experience

Located in the picturesque mountain community of Northwestern Montana, Turning Winds Academic Institute offers a unique blend of traditional residential treatment, wilderness therapy, and adventure therapy.

“Turning Winds is the perfect place for teens who struggle to pay attention, are easily distracted, and perform better when given the opportunity to be active in positive environments. The outdoor adventure opportunities at Turning Winds makes them the most unique therapeutic program in the country…”

Turning Winds is strategically located to take advantage of the therapeutic power offered by “adventure therapy.” Our students, parents, and the professional therapeutic community refer to us as the “outdoor adventure program,” as we use the beauty and functionality of the outdoors to assist us in getting through to our youth. Turning Winds is a residential program offering strong academics along with the best aspects of “wilderness therapy.”

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Adventure Therapy and Its Power to Heal

Therapeutic treatment in a wilderness setting offers incredible advantages over treatment offered in traditional residential settings. At Turning Winds, located in the Northwestern Montana mountains, we have direct, unobstructed access to the healing power associated with “outdoor adventure therapy.”

Our professional staff experience the unique advantage that comes with the luxury of consistent client observation. Meaning, our clients experience a more effective therapeutic intervention than that of traditional treatment settings. Our staff deal with less interruptions and distractions and our students reap the benefits of this highly focused attention.

“…With no social media, cell phones, or city lights, outdoor adventure has a capacity for greater therapeutic impact. Our access and use of the outdoors by magnifies the effectiveness of our therapeutic process – producing dramatic life changing results…”

Studies have shown that “natural wilderness” environments offer adolescents a unique atmosphere in which they are more inclined to “pay attention.” Our diverse location, with a close proximity to wilderness areas, actually reduces our student’s symptoms of ADD and ADHD. Our students learn to slow down and pay attention; especially those who have struggled with ADHD. This improved ability to focus creates an opportunity for our student to take advantage of the therapeutic process. This therapeutic atmosphere is very hard to duplicate in a traditional residential school.

Wilderness-based adventure therapy offers our students the peace and serenity they have often never experienced before. Our distraction-free environment allows for enhanced healing and self-examination. Turning Winds is truly an amazing place.

Because of our environment and proven strategies for success, our students build closer and stronger relationships with staff and peers, and gain valuable insight into the unhealthy behavior which has set them back. We have discovered over years of progress, that an outdoor wilderness experience is a better place to help students make internal lifelong changes.

If you are ready to start the process of healing your family, and you know that outdoor adventure is the perfect therapeutic environment for your child, then call Turning Winds Academic Institute – 800-845-1380.

“For a life-changing experiene for struggling teens, Turning Winds Academic Institute.”

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