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Transporting Your Child to Turning Winds Private Therapeutic Boarding School

Some parents face the question, “How do I get my child to Turning Winds Academic Institute?”

Once you have made the decision to enroll your child into our therapeutic boarding school, the next step is getting your child to our facility in Northwestern Montana. All parents are welcome to transport their child themselves or have a friend or relative help in the process. If a boarding school transport service is needed, we can point you in the right direction to a credible company that can help transport your child to Turning Winds Academic Institute.

The following letter contains advice from a past parent who had to make the decision to have his son transported to our school.

To whom it may concern:

“If you’re reading this then you are either considering sending or have made the decision to send your child to Turning Winds Academic Institute. In our case, this “mandatory” attendance method was our only option. It was one of the reasons we chose Turning Winds Academic Institute over other “non-forced-participation” programs.

“As I write this, our son is in his third month at Turning Winds Academic Institute. The absolute worst part is the initial pickup; it will also be your first feeling of relief after it occurs. The most painful time is the 24 hour period beforehand. You are not a traitor, a betrayer, or a monster, but you’ll feel like one. My feeling was similar to waiting for a terminally ill relative to die, and although the pain of the departure is always present, there’s the same wave of relief once it’s done.

“We were amazed at how accurately the “pick-up” was described to us by the staff beforehand. It was explained what they wanted us to do, told us what to say, and what their methods were for control. We were prepared for our son’s comments, colorful even for a sailor! They told us of other escort missions and different complications (with remedies) that might occur.

“We had absolutely no surprises that night. I thought our son had memorized the script himself -so accurately did he play his part as described by the staff, and he was extra colorful that night. I was called everything mentioned above and more, but there was no physical problem (fighting, etc.). The entire event took 12 minutes from the time the staff arrived until they left for the airport. My part took 1 minute. I woke him, introduced him to the staff and told him they were taking him to a program in Montana, which I was sending him to. The staff took over from there.

“I’ll part with a little advice. Follow the staff’s recommendations concerning your particular circumstances. Don’t tell the other children in the family if possible -they might not be able to handle their feelings of split loyalty. They’ll understand afterwards. When your child says, “I hate you,” then you say “I love you,” but don’t apologize or discuss it any further. Let the staff do the talking. Your child has no mental feeling of control over them, and can’t hurt their feelings or make them feel guilty.

“The toughest parent should do the introduction. The crier and the children, if possible, should be elsewhere. The tears will come for the steely one after. Don’t misunderstand, those tears have a lot of relief in them, and you’ll know your child is safe and has another chance at life. The staff knows its business. Trust them and let them handle it. This will be the worst part -it only gets better after that.

“Good luck and God bless.” -Raymond

If you have any additional questions about our program, please use the menu above to discover how one of the leading private boarding schools can help your teen, or contact us. You are also welcome to call and arrange a meeting to tour our facilities and speak to our staff and the youth we serve.

To determine if your teen needs placement please take our online quiz. You can learn about the warning signs of drug abuse to determine whether your child is in need of recovery.

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