ADHD Myths And Where To Find Help

Teens often have trouble sitting still, listening, and paying attention, but when teens don’t follow instructions and blurt out inappropriate comments, they might have a problem deeper than simply being a teenager. ADHD is a disorder that often appears early in childhood. When you see your teenager acting strange, you might wonder if they have ADHD or are simply just being a teenager.

This is a serious ailment that can involve everything from movement to attentiveness to speech. Children with attention deficit issues can get help at Turning Winds Academic Institute. Here are a few myths about the ailment.

Myth#1: Attention Deficit Teens Are Hyperactive

Some teens with this ailment are indeed hyperactive while others may have attention problem. Those who are not overactive might just appear unmotivated.

Myth#2: ADHD Teens Never Pay Attention

Teens with this ailment can concentrate on activities they actually like, but they cannot maintain focus on things they find boring or repetitive no matter how hard they try.

Myth#3: Hyperactive Teens Can Improve Their Behavior

Teens can do their best to be good, but they still might be unable to sit still and pay attention. This comes across as disobedient, but they aren’t necessarily acting out.

Myth#4: Teens Grow Out of ADHD

Attention Deficit disorders often move into adulthood with teens. Instead of ignoring the issue, it is best to seek treatment to manage symptoms.

Myth#5: Medication Is The Only Treatment

Medication is used often, but it is not always best. Other treatments include education, behavior therapy, nutrition, exercise, support and other avenues.

 Turning Winds Academic Institute offers parents the support they need for the troubled youth. Teens have to deal with a myriad of pressures and when they also have to deal with other ailments, it can push them over the edge. Turning Winds is a therapeutic boarding school in the beautiful state of Montana.

Teens get the residential treatment they need while continuing their education so they won’t fall behind. Students get individual attention while they receive therapy to rebuild their mind, body and character. The meaningful experience is powerful for every teen dealing with ADHD.

Parents will see their child transformed when they return with a new optimism and outlook for the future. Behavioral problems don’t have to be a life long issue. Turning Winds Academic Institute can help. Please call today, We Can Help! 800-845-1380


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