Activities Aid in Treatment

inner tubingMany years ago while watching a Broadway play at the Spokane Civic Center with a group of our students, a profound comment was made by one of them that has had a lasting impact on the importance of engaging in meaningful activities, he said, “ I was having so much fun that I forgot for a moment that I was in a treatment program.” Since then we have made it a point to recreate that same novelty each and every day with our kids whether it be through recreational activities on or off of our campus.

boating 3This summer we have had such exceptional weather and in turn it has afforded us the opportunity to engage in many wonderful water activities including canoeing the Yaak River; boating lake Pend Oreille, swimming in our very own stretch of the Yaak River, right in our own back yard; attending Silverwood Water Park; and white water rafting. Each of these activities has been fun in it’s own way, but the one activity that the kids continue to ask for is going boating on Lake Pend Oreille. We have been out several times this summer and have had a blast taking kids inner tubing, letting them co-pilot the boat, and just plain “old fashioned” swimming – it never seems to get old!


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