Empowering teens to use these situations to think

Holiday goes on to explain a potential solution in his column. The real empowerment of sheltering our teens less is to teach them how to see their fellow citizens - victims and privileged, religious and agnostic, conservative and liberal - as adults and fellow human beings. It’s about teaching our teen’s respect. We have the ability to decide not to be offended by something, but rather to learn from it and respectfully disagree. We can teach them to separate someone else’s actions or provocation or ignorance from our own.


So perhaps, rather than preventing our teens from consuming certain media, we can use it as a teaching point and discuss with them how and why our views differ from those they have seen. Rather than sheltering them and then teaching them to assume the role of the victim, we teach them to think critically on the issue and develop an individuality within themselves.

We encourage you to read the original column by Ryan Holiday. Fair warning, the column does include some harsh language in spots, but raises a lot of good points. What do you think? Do you believe that teens should be sheltered from certain content and topics, or is it important for them to be exposed to them?

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Content for this article is based on a column by Ryan Holiday at: http://goo.gl/Y7eDSM

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