Family Bonds: Healing Together at Turning Winds

Gathering spot for teens attending the adolescent treatment program for mental health and addiction.

Families come first at Turning Winds. Our treatment approach focuses on increasing the healthy independence of adolescents in our care while promoting and strengthening the family bonds, ensuring a harmonious and successful reintegration post-treatment. Family connection is one of the 12 character virtues taught in our program: students develop a greater appreciation for the strengths […]

Teen Rehab: A Parent Guide to Effective Support and Recovery

Supporting Your Teen Through Rehab - A mother and teenage daughter embracing on a beach at dusk, symbolizing support and care during teen rehab and substance abuse recovery.

Guiding Your Teen Through Rehab: A Parental Support Handbook This quote rings especially true for parents with a teenage child undergoing alcohol or drug rehabilitation. The emotions you feel as a parent are deeply intertwined with your child’s experiences and actions. “The road to recovery is a bumpy path with lots of twists and turns, […]