Where Can I Send My Troubled Teen?

In today’s age of easy access to information, you might think it would be easier to find the right help for your teen’s needs. But, sometimes, even knowing exactly what those needs are is difficult. There are so many options available – boarding schools, boot camps, wilderness programs and therapeutic boarding schools – which one […]

A Home Away From Home to Heal

Over the past twenty years, Turning Winds has matured into a sophisticated program that blends the benefits of a wilderness program, a residential treatment center, and a boarding school.  This blended approach to treatment utilizes both outdoor experiences and indoor environments to prevent treatment fatigue and increase engagement. A big driver of change is developing […]

Therapeutic Winter Activities at Turning Winds

Turning Winds is a family-run residential treatment center for teens combined with a fully accredited academic program. We believe the success of our teenage clients is based on a combination of therapeutic and educational approaches that provide the best possible outcomes for each patient we treat in our program.  The therapeutic approaches—many particular to the […]