Mental Health and Teens: Know the Signs

Oftentimes, it can be a struggle to acknowledge the sneaking suspicion that your teen may be dealing with mental illness. But ignoring the problem will not make it go away and will more than likely make the problem worse. An undiagnosed mental illness can lead your teen down a dangerous path of self-medicating with drugs, […]

7 Stress Coping Skills for Effective Parenting

“What have you done for yourself today?” Family and friends may mean well when they ask you that, but as a parent, it’s tough to find ways to destress while parenting. It’s especially difficult if you’re trying to be an effective parent to a teen who’s navigating his or her own rocky road. It’s almost […]

How COVID-19 Changed My Teen

The era of COVID-19 has challenged even the most resilient teens. This age group already had to deal with the pressures of school, socializing, and social media. Add to the mix a deadly virus, and it’s bound to push teens to their limits. You may sense your teen has changed and become more anxious or […]

How to Stop a Panic Attack

As the name implies, panic attacks involve sudden surges of terror, and they can happen under fairly mundane circumstances. You don’t need to be on a rollercoaster or in a physically threatening situation to experience a panic attack. You could be lying in bed, riding a bus, or sitting at a desk. Fortunately, you can […]