10 Things That Will Make You Happy

Raising a troubled teen can take a toll on your physical and emotional health. But there are ways to find joy in the process of helping your child through the rough spots. If you’re stressed, overwhelmed, and perpetually sad, you won’t be of much help to your child or family. Know that you can smile, […]

Jellinek Curve

If your teen is involved with or abusing alcohol, it helps to know about the Jellinek Curve. Developed sometime in the 1940s and 1950s by researcher E. Morton Jellinek, this U-shaped curve generally illustrates the five progressive phases of alcoholism. Jellinek was able to determine predictable behaviors of alcoholics by surveying and analyzing the data […]

Teen Mental Health: The 5 Stages Of Healing

The 5 Stages of Healing The way we heal and recover is just like how we grieve—in stages. It helps to understand the stages of healing to understand what you, your teen, or another loved family member may be dealing with at the moment. As with grief, healing is rarely linear, and it all takes […]