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Drug addiction and overdoses have swept the nation in recent years; overdose is now the leading cause of accidental deaths in the United States. As a result of this epidemic, more and more parents are finding their children to be struggling with not only behavioral and mental health issues, but also drug addiction. The top drugs being abused in Texas are methamphetamine, cannabis, cocaine, and heroin. A failure to appropriately address and treat teen mental and behavioral health has only fueled the growing substance abuse epidemic. Many teens find themselves self-medicating instead of asking for help. As a parent, you may feel lost or confused on what to do to help your child, but we want you to know that you are not alone and there is help.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

Your ultimate goal is to save your child; their life is at stake. You are searching for a program that will not only treat their mental, behavioral, and emotional health. You also want to help them to heal and get them back on the right track while providing them with the skills and tools to build a strong foundation upon which they can go out into the world and be successful. Remember however, your child’s struggles did not happen overnight but rather developed over time and so the healing process too will take time; a long-term residential program could help your loved one achieve the long-term success and happiness you wish for them and they deserve!

Location, Location, Location

When parents start looking for treatment options, they often start by looking locally. Their thought process is to find a program that is convenient and close to home so their loved one does not have to be far from a loving and supportive family. We understand this thinking as it is difficult for any parent to accept that perhaps their home environment and area is not the best place for their loved one to get help and they so strongly want to be there to support their child. More often than not however, the best option for success is to get the child out of the home; away from the unhealthy relationships and negative influences that could deter their healing process so they can focus on themselves and take advantage of the treatment and care being provided to them. We sympathize with the difficulty of this decision, but we encourage you to think of it as an experience that could help shape your loved ones’ future for the better. A way for them to learn new things, meet new people, look at life from a different perspective, and learn how their behavior is not only affecting them, but those they love. This is a healing process for the child and family alike. Going to a treatment program out-of-state will offer your child the opportunity to focus on their healing without the temptation of outside stressors. This is your chance to allow your child to grow, recover, learn, and explore all their amazing talents while getting them on track for their best life.

Length of Stay

There are many treatment programs to choose from; there are intensive outpatient programs and partial hospitalization programs that we found to be mainly beneficial as a stepping down treatment plan once a child has attended an inpatient residential program. Then there are inpatient programs that may offer a length of stay anywhere from 30 days to a year. We usually recommend to parents to start off strong by enrolling their child in a longer term inpatient residential program starting with a 6 month commitment. This may seem extreme, but when you are talking about saving the life of your struggling child, a more aggressive approach in the beginning could help you and your family avoid years of continuous struggle. Your child should not have to live a life of going in and out of treatment wasting their time, resources, and your money. The focus should be the best care for your child.

Insurance and Cost

Did you know private insurance can help cover some costs for treatment depending on your coverage and the program? This can be helpful when deciding on how you will help pay for the cost of teen treatment. Usually, though, insurance companies will not pay for a long-term residential treatment making you feel forced to choose a lesser form of care for your child’s needs, but we encourage you to look at all your resources and decide if in the long-run the cost of going to a treatment center that provides only 30 days is worth your child’s life because insurance covers it? We know it can be an expense, but the health and well-being of your teen is worth it when they are able to heal, recover, and live a life beyond their wildest dreams. In the long-run treating mental and behavioral health correct from the start will not only be more cost effective, but can help save their life.

Can Turning Winds Help?

Turning Winds is a therapeutic residential program and boarding school for teens. We are nestled in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Montana. Here at Turning Winds we treat mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorders for teens. In addition to receiving residential therapeutic services, your child will also be able to complete their academic studies and get back on track for a successful future from our fully licensed and accredited boarding school. We have a team of dedicated men and women who believe every child should have the opportunity to heal, recover, and succeed. Whether you are looking to attend Turning Winds or wanting to get help in Texas, we can guide you to getting the treatment your teen deserves.

You are not alone and Turning Winds can help! contact us now for more information at 800-845-1380.

One of our many goals here at Turning Winds is to be able to help those seeking it, so we provided a list of free resources below.

Texas Health & Human Service Resources

United Way of Texas works hard for it’s community to help with mental and physical health, education, financial, and state resources.  

2-1-1 Texas is a non-profit organization that helps provide services and resources for food, health, housing, and so much more. You can call 211 directly or visit their website for more information.

SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration) is a government funded organization that can provide treatment programs for those struggling with drug abuse, mental and behavioral health issues.

AA Texas (Alcoholics Anonymous) is a 12-step program for those who have a problem with alcohol. Texas AA Intergroup locations include the following: AustinBryanCorpus ChristiDallasHoustonSan Antonio, and Waco.

Al-Anon / Al-Ateen TX is the sister program to Alcoholics Anonymous and provides meetings for those who have been affected by someone who abuses alcohol.

NA Texas (Narcotics Anonymous) is a 12-step support group designed for those who struggling with drugs. 

Nar-Anon TX is a 12-step fellowship for those who are affected by someone who has a drug abuse problem.

True Colors United is a nationwide organization that helps raise awareness and provides resources for those in the LGBTQ Texas community.

Texas Youth Connection provided by the state of Texas for adolescents.

Texas Project First is an educational resource for parents looking for information to help their child’s education and future.

Youth Substance Abuse Disorder Services in the state of TX for those who have MediCal and/or financial difficulties.

Heal With Turning Winds

Is your child or loved one struggling and lost? Have you tried all different means of help and support and nothing is working? Are you feeling overwhelmed and just not sure what you as a parent or guardian should do next? Contact us now and let us help guide you in the right direction that is best for your loved one and family. No family should have to face this journey alone so contact us today.

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