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Your teen is intelligent, capable, caring, creative, and determined. Yet, when struggling with a mental, emotional, or behavioral issue, those qualities often get buried under the self-destructive choices troubled teens make to cope. At Turning Winds, our goal is to be your partner in supporting your adolescent’s journey to rediscovering his or her authentic, wonderful self and adopting a healthier way of living. Since 2002, we have assisted distressed families by providing them guidance, resources, and information on how to help their at-risk teens transform their lives. If your teen is in crisis, you may feel lost and unsure of how to help your adolescent. But rest assured, there is hope – and we can help you find it.

How To Find The Best Teen Treatment

Your Goal

You understand that to make positive change your teen must undergo a transformation and change established patterns of self-destructive behavior and poor choices. Troubled youth need a supportive environment with trained professionals who know how to reach each individual and help teens find the desire and motivation to grow and focus on their future. Therapeutic boarding schools immediately address problematic behaviors that are causing issues for teens at home and holding them back. Once these behaviors are adequately addressed, young people can begin the process of healing.

When teens exhibit serious problem behaviors, they are usually experiencing some kind of distress that they do not know how to deal with. Effective treatment programs see their clients as a whole person deserving of dignity and respect.

Teens who are acting out need care and support to learn what is at the core of their struggles. They need to understand their problems and learn the skills to manage issues healthily so they can discontinue unhealthy coping patterns they have developed. Involving teens in the process in a safe, supportive environment enables personal growth, character building, and independence for long-lasting results.

During the teenage years, school is a large part of young people’s lives. Therefore, it can both cause or aggravate teens’ problems as well as being a reflection of adolescents’ issues. Even if your teen is very capable, internal struggles may keep your teen from reaching his or her academic potential. While attending to your adolescent’s emotional and behavioral health is critical to recovery, academics are a vital part of your teen’s well-being and future. A teen treatment center should, therefore, include academics so students can be successful. An academic program also provides young people with the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in a school setting. Also, academic achievement helps build students’ confidence and a foundation on which they can pursue higher education or a career path.

Location, Location, Location

Teens who act out tend to exhibit their worst behaviors at home. This causes frustration and conflict within the family in what should be a safe space for everyone who lives there. To repair the relationship, everyone needs the opportunity to return to a good frame of mind. It is natural for teens to rebel against their parents to a degree as adolescents try to gain independence and differentiate themselves as individuals. However, when your adolescent is struggling with deeper issues, this process can become more hostile and problematic. To form a respectful and positive relationship may require a period of separation. Technology enables families to be a part of the therapy process, even from afar, to work on rebuilding connections with their teens with the support of trained professionals.

Therapeutic boarding schools provide at-risk youth with a positive environment and space they need to begin their journey towards healing. A staff of professionals is available 24/7 to aid teens during moments of crisis and support their needs. At a teen treatment center, your adolescent will be surrounded by youth who are all working toward a similar goal. This provides teenagers the opportunity to develop positive relationships and lasting friendships and connections to help keep each other on track after completing the program.

Leaving home for a boarding school also removes teens from the harmful environment they have established in their home community that is contributing to their decline. It allows teens to break away from toxic patterns and escape the negative influences that reinforce destructive habits.

Fortunately, you do not necessarily need to send your teen far away to achieve the best results. Choosing the best program for your teen should be based on the benefits offered by the treatment center and its proven effectiveness for attendees. Removing teens from the immediate environment can provide them new perspectives, a fresh start, and the ability to choose whom they want to be going forward.

Length of Stay

Authentic and lasting change takes time. Your teen did not reach a crisis point overnight. Instead, your adolescent developed unhealthy habits and patterns of self-destruction over time and in many smaller moments. Short-term treatment programs can be appealing. But a mere few weeks to a couple of months does not offer teens sufficient time to change behaviors for the long-term and develop the desire for positive change and skills needed that will endure long after their return home.

Long term treatment programs lasting three months to a year or more are proven to be far more effective. The reason is that long term treatment centers provide an opportunity for struggling teens to participate in and take ownership of their recovery. Adequate time to work on personal development and growth for a positive self-identity is vital to ensuring change lasts after teens return to their home environment.

Insurance and Cost

You want to provide your teenager with the very best treatment. Still, you may be concerned about steep costs associated with intensive programs. Financial challenges can hold back families from seeking out necessary services, ultimately, at the expense of their teen’s life and future. Therapeutic boarding schools and teen treatment centers understand that families may be struggling with this dilemma and, therefore, may offer resources on how to lighten the financial burden.

Teen treatment centers like Turning Winds are out-of-network treatment providers and accept many of the major insurance plans. We can help you work with your insurance provider to determine how to use your policy to get the most coverage for treatment costs. Many programs, like ours, also offer financial aid, scholarship programs, and resources on alternative ways to raise money. Your financial concerns are valid, but should not be the only factor holding you back from saving your adolescent.

Can Turning Winds Help My Teen?

Turning Winds has been a catalyst for positive change in the lives of hundreds of teens and their families. Our staff of skilled and nurturing professionals is dedicated to creating an environment where teens can face their troubled past and work toward a productive, happy, and healthy future. Turning Winds’ program guides students through the three phases of orientation, transition, and aftercare. This ensures life-long change and a support network that continues for your teen and family long after completion of the program.

Some of the features that make our program unique include:

  • No more than 45 students enrolled at a time to ensure each teen gets individualized support that meets the adolescent’s strengths and needs
  • Licensed therapy professionals who work with teens to evaluate and assess their needs and determine the best treatment approach
  • Use of de-escalation strategies and preventative support instead of punishment, isolation, or physical restraint
  • Collaboration with teens and their families to develop a program tailored to their unique strengths, needs, goals, and abilities
  • Family involvement through family counseling, parent support classes, and more to work toward healing the whole family unit and developing a more harmonious relationship
  • Incorporation of the natural environment to take advantage of its healing properties and let students learn new skills to build confidence and character while also learning to work together effectively with others
  • A trained staff of teachers, therapists, and medical professionals who use the latest evidence-based practices and a multi-disciplinary approach to best support teens
  • An academic program accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission and National Independent Private Schools Association where students earn credits that transfer to any school or university across the country or even earn their high school diploma


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Heal With Turning Winds

At Turning Winds, we want to assist your family in your time of need. Our program works to create a place of positive transformation for youth, families, and communities. Contact us today to start your teen on the journey to recovery.

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