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Turning Winds is a relational-based, premier therapeutic boarding school for teenagers 13-18 who are struggling in life.  We specialize in providing superior treatment for the following presenting issues:  low self-worth; mild behavioral problems; poor academic performance; various adolescent disorders that may include ADD/ADHD, depression etc. ; various addictions such as substance abuse, gaming and pornography; and attachment disorders.

Our mission is to Rescue teens from crisis, Renew their belief in their own potential and Reunite them with their family and a sustainable path of success.

Our campus is located in a rural environment on 150 acres of tranquil property nestled amongst the Kootenai National Forest in Troy, Montana.  Our environment is not for everyone!  It is suited for those who love the outdoors and enjoy a slower pace of life.  For those that would like to trade their three hours/day commuting in traffic just fifteen miles in place of a beautiful one hour commute traveling 2-4 days per week then this may be a good fit for you.   At TWAI, we leverage this unique and amazing environment to promote change, learning and the development of talents amongst the youth that we work with.

We do offer staff living quarters for those that would like to stay on campus while they are working at the school and we also provide all meals for our team members. Most of our employees only work 3-4 days per week so they can enjoy their lives outside of work.

We encourage anyone who is ready to join the TWAI family to apply for the position that you are interested in.   We look forward to meeting with you and hope that you can join us in being part of the TWAI difference!

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