Pre-Algebra is a discipline of study in mathematics. Pre-algebra is typically taken while in middle school or taught as early as the 2nd grade for students who are mathematically inclined. Additionally, pre-algebra has an age limit requirement for those who are homeschooled. The years in which a homeschooled student can

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Powerlessness ˈ adj. Powerlessness is a psychological term used to describe one’s inability to succeed in certain areas of their life. For instance, an addict may feel as though they are powerless over whatever their drug of choice is, even though it continues to destroy their life. Powerlessness Is a

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Positive Life Choices

/päzədiv/  /līf/ /CHoisez/ n.noun Positive life changes are decisions a person acts on an in order to promote positive change within their life. Moreover, a positive life choice can come in varying forms that range in severity. It can be as simple as walking to work instead of driving in order

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Poor Grades

n.noun Poor grades refer to a student’s inability to achieve adequate marks in school. Poor grades are a significant issue for a student, as this will most likely result in negative ramifications for that student’s future. A poor grade is a substandard academic performance, which may result in varying consequence

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Peer Culture

n.noun A peer culture is an individual’s immediate community who they interact with on a one-to-one level. An example of a peer culture would be a student and the classmates who they interact with on a day-to-day basis. A person’s peer culture is made up of people who share their

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Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder

Obsessive – Compulsive Disorder An anxiety disorder where individuals are unable to stop thinking the same thoughts or performing the same tasks over and over again. A common obsessive-compulsive disorder is frequent hand washing. Individuals attempt to alleviate their fear or anxiety by performing certain rituals (e.g.., washing hands 63

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