Are you the parent of a troubled teen? Many times as parents, we wonder whether or not our teenager is in need of help. We have put together this test in order to give you an idea of the severity of your child’s behaviors and his or her need for help. This will help you start the process of making the decision whether your child is a candidate for the Turning Winds, boarding school for troubled teens.
Instructions: Answer the questions about your teens behavior.

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Am I a Failure? A Parent’s Perspective on Raising a Challenging Teenager

Though it’s tough to admit, parents judge each other, especially when kids are young. Whatever your child does, good or bad, seems to be a reflection of your parenting. So, what about when you’re raising a challenging teen? Are you a failure as a parent? You may think so, but it’s all a matter of perspective. It’s a New Generation You may be trying to parent the same way your parents tried raising you. Remember, things are different for our kids than they were for us growing up. Most kids wouldn’t dream of talking back to parents or teachers long ago. Much of that is due to the way the media (traditional media and social media) glorifies and normalizes teens disrespecting adults and authority figures, and not because of your parenting skills. Teen Rebellion Is Normal What has stayed the same for decades is the need for teens to push the envelope during their adolescence. At about nine years old, your otherwise gentle, loving child may have begun to change. There are four causes for teen rebellion that you can’t control and that is not your fault as a parent: Hormones are shifting and raging to make your teen’s moods

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15 Way to Bond With Your Teenager

Many parents find themselves struggling to connect with their teens. The life of a teen is busy; filled with school, sports and friends. Teens often become disconnected from their family units as their focus shifts more towards their friends and activities. Remember, this is totally normal teenage behavior. When this inevitably occurs, here are 15 things you can do to spend a little extra bonding time with your teen.  Cook Dinner Together  Break out the cookbooks and let them pick a recipe for the night. Working in the kitchen allows you to spend quality time together and teaches them valuable life skills. You’re the sous chef tonight, so let them take the lead! It’s more fun for them and worse case, you end up ordering pizza and have a good laugh.  Get Active  Choose an activity that you’re both interested in and make it a date. Get those endorphins flowing by playing tennis, kicking around a soccer ball, or trying something new together like signing up for a boxing class to learn some new moves.  Go Shopping Shopping together allows you to learn about your teens’ evolving styles and interests. Be clear about the amount of money you’re willing to

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