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James Lehman, author of “Angry Child? Fix the Behavior, Not the Feelings” said, “Many parents try to deal with their child’s emotions first because they believe that’s where the bad behavior is coming from. This focuses on the emotion, not the child’s thinking behind the behavior, which is what you really need to address.”

Alternative Military SchoolWhen teens act out, many parents consider saying, “If you don’t shape up, I’m going to send you to military school!” It’s a classic parenting response, and an option that many parents consider every day. If you have a defiant teen who is acting out, chances are you’re looking for an effective way to get your child back on track — and the thought of a military school/academy might have started to sound good.

It’s never an easy decision to send your child away or to entrust their care to someone else. If military school/academy is something you’re considering, there are a few things to keep in mind before making that decision. For example, many military schools don’t accept openly defiant, out-of-control teens, particularly if they have been experimenting with drugs. Also, although parents think that their child will be given 24 hour structure at a military school/academy, most teens at military schools/academy have quite a bit of freedom on weekends and down time where they can choose their own activities that may or may not be appropriate. This is something to take into account before you send a teen or pre-teen to a school they might not be motivated to attend in the first place!

A better alternative to military schools/academy is a structured therapeutic boarding school for teens.  Turning Winds Academic Institute is such a school where a defiant teen will not only receive structure and academic assistance, but they are given the therapy which addresses the underlying issues that contribute to their defiant behavior.  The concepts behind Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based programs are best, because they focus on changing your child’s behavior and thought processes first, rather than just on his or her emotions.

Turning Winds Academic Institute offers the structure, flexible academic plans, and therapy which has assisted hundreds of teens get their lives back on track.  Our proven program addresses all aspects of the teen’s life and is based on the “whole child” concept. Over the years we have developed a proven comprehensive program shown to be effective in helping teens overcome previous negative and destructive behaviors and embrace healthy new lifestyles.

Please read the parent and student testimonials of families who are grateful they made the decision to come to Turning Winds Academic Institute where we RESCUE children from crisis, RENEW their belief in their own potential and REUNITE them with their families.

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